Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday terror....

It's Tuesday and my muther is coming this evening to visit. I'm so excited I may vomit. Sorry, I know I shouldn't be like that. I will enjoy watching Gryffin show off and be cute. And watch Mike try to keep himself occupied and get out of hugging her.
Last night's dinner was awesome. I even impressed myself! It was a Mexican Fiesta of home made tortillas, sofrito rice, pan roasted corn with black beans and taco meat. Along with all the regular comdiments, it turned out wonderfully. Mike had thirds and Gryffin cleaned his plate!
Tonight is honey mustard chicken with brown rice and broccoli. I hope it turns out as well.
Enough of patting myself on the back... my arm is starting to hurt!

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Ruth said...

Both dinners sound really yummy! :) Good luck with Psycho this evening.. we'll be thinking about you guys! ;)