Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ah yes, I can see my not so distant future being lived out right in front of me at this very moment...
Mike and Gryffin in the recliner doing the 7pm cuddle snuggle while watching football.
I am about to become a football widow. Thats alright. I really should count my blessings though, Mike only watches football and basketball. Living in the St Louis metro area and not being a hockey or baseball fan puts you in a very small minority. Narrow that down further by the fact that he doesn't hunt, fish or drink Budweiser and he is in a party of three, him, Chris and myself. Add a couple to the roster, I don't think our gay neighbors (a.k.a. gaybors) do any of those things either. Well they may drink Budweiser but I won't hold that against them, they're good neighbors.
We've had a kicked back Sunday. A little yard work, a little laundry and a market run for the grandparents. Not too bad at all. Plus, I snuck in another nap since someone snored me out to the couch about 4:30 this morning. The boys napped together on the couch until Mike got a wet wake up call from Gryffin. I've noticed the diaper companies don't say their products are leak proof anymore.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did!

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cdorsey said...

We had a great week-end. I love reading your posts. They make me laugh. My daughter is making quesadillas (yes, with the leftover HOMEMADE flour tortillas - - I"m so proud of myself) and I told her about the "gaybors" and she said, "Hey...we had gaybors too." Indeed we did.

Have a great week...don't let the bandwagon get too far without ya.