Saturday, August 05, 2006

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play....

I survived the football practice. I could've cared less about watching the scrimmage. It was the people watching that I enjoy. The rudeness of the Midwesterner always seems to amaze me. Here in St. Louis, people don't arrive to any function, game, movie, reservation, court date, etc., on time. If it ain't half way over it ain't started. Oh yeah, and they pronouce the word forty as farty and put an 'r' in the word wash! How did I spend most of my life around here and not pick up those annoying little habits? Probably because I have enough of my own already.
Gryffin did really well. He did get a little restless and we had to leave before the event was over but I couldn't really blame him. It was hot and there was just way too much to get into.
We came home and had lunch. Afterward my loving and wonderful husband, tired of my crankiness and sarcasm, sent me to bed for a nap. I woke up and 'tagged him in', whereas I looked after Gryffin while he took a nap.
A little game of 'What Can I Make With Leftovers' for dinner, a bath for Gryffin and I think we will call it a night with Alton Brown's new show. Especially since I saw a clip of it and he went to Ted Drewe's in St Louis! Yummy! Ted Drewe's has THE BEST concrete ever. Hey, anyplace you can buy a Christmas tree and a concrete all while freezing your tashukiss off in the snow ain't bad.
Man, I have used a lot of ain'ts tonight... must be the belligerent Budweiser swillers I was surrounded by today.

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