Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Slacker to Attacker

I was a slacker yesterday. Didn't get the bathroom clean or any laundry done. But I'm back on track for today!
Wednesday is Kitchen/Dining room Day.
I've already: cleaned out the fridge, wiped down the counters and appliances, cleaned the stove and microwave, wiped down the table, watered the plants, dusted and vacuumed.
Hopefully, I will still have enough steam to do the bathroom and laundry from yesterday. Oh, and I've got to clean the chair and ottoman that was sold over Ebay because the buyers are picking it up tomorrow. And since we sold Mike's old recliner yesterday my living room is going to look like a living room again. Maybe I will post a picture of our new chairs.
I want to give a shout out to Catherine,, for catching me when I was falling off the bandwagon. It helps to have a cleaning buddy. Keep it up, Girl and I will try to keep up with you!
Butts growing roots, gotta move!

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