Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

It seems we may have to start building an ark. What Mother Nature doesn't understand is that my garden needs sunlight as well as rain. The tomato plants are going crazy, the lettuce has been enjoyed many times and is into the second & third harvest on some plants, the squirrels have enjoyed my strawberries (damn squirrels). I've got flowers on my cucumbers, a broccoli ready for harvest and buds on the beans. Being that this is my first attempt at gardening, I'm more than happy. I really only expected a salad, two at most.
Our new dog, Scraps, is coming along. He will now sit on command. I just wish he would calm down on command too. Being that he is only six months old, I'll take whatever I can get. I am signing him up for training classes to help him along though.
Gryffin really enjoyed his birthday party, complete with a Ben 10 omnitrix watch cake, which he got to cut with a samurai sword. His dojo was a wonderful place to have the party. They gave the kids karate lessons and did all the clean up. Can't beat that for free.
He received a scooter, a skateboard and a bicycle. Guess what I got him? A helmet with knee and elbow pads.
I'm hoping to get to the grocery store today, if the rain lets up. Better get to making that list!