Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its saying something when the midwest town you live in is hotter than the desert town your parents live in! Our inability to go outside for a few days has manifested itself in one cranky kid! It was so hot yesterday I didn't even want to do any of my chores (not that I ever want to). So today it doesn't matter how hot I get, the dust bunny wrangle has got to be done!
Tonight we are having a treat for dinner. Fajitas! With home made tortillas even. Its quick and won't heat up the kitchen too much- I hope. Ok, well I'm breaking a sweat just typing so its either time to quit typing or turn the thermostat down. Too cheap to do that so- SEE YA!

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cdorsey said...

HOMEMADE tortillas!! I tried that once...it was a NIGHTMARE! YUCK! Who would have thought that a person could mess up a recipe that only called for 3 ingredients??