Saturday, August 05, 2006

Boo in a box with a good book

So we went an filled out paperwork for the Mom's Day Out Program, which now I think I will refer to as Pre-preschool. Gryffin got to see his classroom and playroom. And even do a little playing while I crammed my rear into a chair made for a toddler. That was fun. I filled out paperwork while he tried shoving square pegs through round holes, that's the story of life kid. I feel better knowing they have it set up like school with a curiculum and schedule and its not all play time. Look- he's already studying. Now if they could only teach him to say Momma.

Today we are off to watch the St Louis Rams football team practice with 'Uncle Chris', Mike's best friend. Not my choice in activities but it is so rare that Mike wants to do something unrelated to the yard or house that I can't refuse. Its outside so Gryffin will be happy. We were going to be shameless and put Gryffin in a t-shirt that read, 'Autograph or I'll scream', but we decided to keep our dignitiy. That, and we procrastinated too much about it.

I hope y'all have a good weekend. Yes, I can say y'all. I was edumacated in Tennesee ya know?! But that is a whole other lot of funnies.

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cdorsey said...

wiqkbtyPre Preschool will be great. Just take tissues the first day.

Have fun today and stay cool..couldn't he have chosen an indoor activity??