Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lets see, there is a big storm blowing in and the city just got done trimming/butchering the gaybors tree. Before it was lopsided and leaning over our yard like that rude fart in the coffee shop that always tries to see whats on your laptop. Now its top heavy and even more lopsided. Come on down Mr Tree- winter's a coming and we have a fireplace. We currently have about a cord, cord and a half but with the annual department float & camping trip coming up that will be cut in half. Even though Mike started this annual shin-dig when we still worked together, I have yet to attend. There was always something that kept me from going. This year is different. Dianne, my MIL, has agreed to watch Gryffin overnight. That should be interesting as his first day of 'pre-pre-school' is the day before. I have heard all the stories of previous years. The never-been-camping-before dude who fell over the cliff, the loud mouth racist hoosier that Mike hopes will pass out quickly, I could go one but I'm sure you've figured out that alcohol is overindulged in. I don't drink much anymore- learned my lesson the hard way, but I do enjoy watching others make fools of themselves. Mike tends to be 'Grandpa' and looks out for everyone. Well, except racist hoosier. I think Mike would like it if he got left behind on the river. Then after the float down the river 'Grandpa' makes a fire that can roast marshmellows on the other side of the campground! I don't think I will take the part of 'Grandma' though. I'm going to spend my night not being responsible for anyone or anything for a change.

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