Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cntrl/Alt/Del- time to reset

There has been a lot of chaos around here lately, all based upon us finding our 'Dream Home'.  A dream home that after some inspections turned into a possible nightmare.  Hence, we are staying put in our little econo-lodge, but we are upgrading to at least 3 star digs.  I'll only give it three because I AM the maid, chef and room service.
So many times people do all the little things they have been wanting to do for years just so they can put their home on the market and someone else can enjoy it.  We are taking this approach, but are not going to be selling.  Here is a little sample of the things I want done:
Fix the guest bath shower and replace the vanity
Lay new flooring in the master bedroom and closet, possibly put in a new window and paint
Replace the master vanity, mirror and light, paint and put in baseboards
Hopefully put in some solar tubes to add more natural light throughout the house
Hopefully squeeze in the funds for a new dishwasher
Move the trash can corral to a better spot in the back yard and relocate some planter boxes for the veggies next year

Monday, October 10, 2011

Goal... but I don't score.

This week I am giving myself two goals.  First off, starting this moment I will not spend a dime until Friday (payday), not a penny on gas, groceries or anything else.  I'm going to further challenge myself for the rest of the month to only spend money one day a week.  Outside of regular bills, I'm only going to spend money on groceries and gas.  I will fill the gas tank on paydays only and the fridge every Friday with what we need for the following week.
If I go back to carefully planning out our meals to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and take inventory of what I already have on hand, I know I can do this.  I already know that I have all the food we need for this week plus.  I know that I have a big turkey and some seafood in the freezer, along with some Kiel Basa and frozen veggies.  I have beans and baking supplies galore. 
Secondly, I'm going to make the house spotless and keep it that way.  I stay home all day, less surfing, more doing.  Of course I do need to fit time in for sewing a couple of Halloween costumes, but I'm pretty sure once I get moving, momentum will keep me going. 
You ask why I would make these silly goals?  Because they have been needed for a long time and now they REALLY need to be done. 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Back to earth...

I cannot in any way, shape or form complain about my life.  I have a nice home, a healthy, happy family and reliable cars, food in the pantry, a few bucks in the wallet and a closet full of clothes and shoes.  When any of us want something we usually have the funds to make it happen right away or within a couple of weeks by saving up for it.
We live pretty frugally around here.  Our biggest expense is our family karate lessons which by the way, are worth every penny because of the confidence, exercise and self discipline they instill in all of us.  We don't buy name brand clothing, no magazine subscriptions, no premium cable.  Pretty much, the only place I can cut spending is on gas for my car and food.  I'm OK on gas.  Between taking my son to school, the grocery store and the occasional appointment, I really have nowhere to be.  The food on the other hand...  I've really gotten bad about not cooking and taking the family out to eat once (or more) times a week.  Now this wouldn't be too bad if we ate at Taco Bell, but we don't.  The last thing I want when I'm paying money is to have sub-par food and to buss my own table.  This is the only thing I can control- so I will.
I used to be really adamant about planning every meal and following through with it.  Lately though I've had the frame of mind that there was money left and since we weren't working toward saving for anything specific why not be pampered. 
This weekend I saw something to work toward.  Something big, something that I have dreamed about, something that my husband has dreamed out, something that my son fell in love with.  It is a really big something and just the thought of it not being possible gets my stomach in knots and my brain churning about what I can do to help make it possible.  Beyond living like church mice and me getting a paying job it won't be possible.  I'm more than willing to do both- and more if I can think of it.
So here is a little request to you, from me.  Pray for me.  Pray that I can make what my family so desperately wants and loves possible for us.  Pray that I can come up with a way to make an income that will allow me to still be able to take care of my son, husband and home.  Pray that I can do this.