Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quandry, quandry, have no laundry!

What shall I do with myself today? Thanks to someone coming to look at the bed for sale last night my house is clean. They didn't buy it, it's Ok to make us an offer but don't insult us with it! I caught up the laundry over the weekend (with Mike's help). I officially have nothing that HAS to be done today.
Maybe I will organize the mudroom or Gryffin's closets. Ooh, Gryffin and I could go to Lowe's and pick out a new color to paint his bedroom. That would thrill Mike (sarcasm). I know! I will make some bread. I haven't made bread in FOREVER and with it being $2.50 a loaf (on sale) I need to get back into the habit.
What are you going to do today?


Ruth said...

The homeade bread sounds yummy! :) Sure would be nice if I didn't still have several mountains worth of laundry to tackle today! Enjoy the well-deserved break! :)

SAHM I am said...

This fall give the boys to Rupie and come over for the day. We will make breads and soups and all sorts of freezer food that even my brother will eat.
Side note to Roger: potato chips are not vegetables.