Monday, August 14, 2006

Gryffin is on the mend. Fever is gone, crankiness and rash are all that is left.
Our leather chair and ottoman that we posted on Ebay as a local pickup only item sold. And for a heck of a lot more than we thought it would. We got half of its original cost and got to use and abuse it for several years. Now we are just waiting for the buyer to come pick it up.
The weekend, although hecktick and emotional, was productive. Since we were house bound it got cleaned- even the mud room! Yeah, I have my mudroom back. All my cleaning supplies are in there organized and reachable. My 'To Sell' items and packing supplies for Ebay are all in one spot. My stained glass lamps that I made but can't have out because of little curious fingers are safely stored. Hey, even Gryffin's stroller can fit in there again and no longer 'decorates' our dining room. I feel a pat on the back coming!
I've divided up all the house cleaning and have assigned each room(s) a day:
Monday is bedrooms: wash sheets, take dirty laundry down, dust/vacuum, straighten
Tuesday is bathroom: scrub the 'appliances' and floors, straighten the linen closet, wash towels and rugs
Wednesday is the kitchen and dining room: scrub every thing, clean our the fridge, mop the floors and water the plants, wash Gryffin's clothes
Thursday is errand day: make my menu and list, grocery shop, Target, Sam's, etc. and wash the darks
Friday is the living room and office: dust/vacuum, straighten, wash the whites and do a quick pickup of the rest of the house
Saturday and Sunday are Free Days!
Now... I pledge allegance to the cleanliness of the united house of Holcomb and to the happiness in which it thrives, one household under God, indivisible, with love and laughter for all.

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