Thursday, August 17, 2006

On a roll...

I'm on a roll and its Honey Wheat! Actually, I'm making a loaf of bread. Another attempt hopefully more successful than the last. I found a new recipe in the Weight Watchers cookbook. I'm not on the program but always try to eat healthy. Heck, my snack-loving/fruit & vegetable hating brother would starve around here. The closest thing we have to snacks are low-fat cheezits, which I usually make chicken fingers with.
You can smell fall in the air today. I love it! I've got all the windows open and the attic fan going so there is a nice little breeze throughout the house. I think I may be even looking forward to winter. Something about hot cocoa and hopefully getting to watch Gryffin play in the snow for the first time.
I've already done my menu for next week and the grocery shopping so I think I may start on the laundry. Thursday is my shopping/errand and catch-up day. My errands are on hold until the buyer for our chair and ottoman shows up sometime after noon. But I'm thinking they may be on hold till at least tomorrow, if this weather holds Gryffin and I may just play the day away!

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