Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day before the storm

Today is my last day to sew. I still have to figure prices for everything, pack it and load it up. Needless to say, I'm nervous and stressed and ready to burst. Oh and I have to figure out a way to get a lot of ones and fives from twenties when all the banks are closed. I'm brilliant.
Wish me luck and pray the weather isn't whats predicted.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock On, Gryffin!

Last night was Gryffin's Spring Concert at Day Out. I was a little disappointed that there were no superhero punches or web shooting at the audience. Only occasional singing and yelling, "Grandma, Grandma!". He was on the end of the risers, right next to his teacher (coincidence? I think not). Later talking with her, she said all he kept doing through the concert was telling her that he saw his Grandma, Mom and Dad in the crowd and kept pointing us out to her. Nice to know the kid still likes to be associated with us. We better enjoy that while it lasts.
We tried to get pictures but couldn't get a seat close enough thanks to people saving entire rows of chairs. The entire row! Good for their family being proud of the kid but really folks, its rude and it makes me want to throw Swedish meatballs at you. Then there was the lady that I wanted to shoot spit wads at because although she sat right in the middle of the gym she insisted on standing up a bazillion times.
Those people couldn't ruin the pride and joy I took in knowing my kid is/was/and always will be the most awesome kid ever. He was really well behaved, happy and all smiles all night. I love that little pickle weasel.

Monday, May 19, 2008

T minus seven days

One week from today is not only Memorial Day but Gypsy Caravan. The event that I've been working up to for two months now. All my bitching and mindless banter will be over then. Ok, not really but at least the subject might change.
This week is dedicated to sewing, sewing and oh yes- sewing. I had planned to get some done over the weekend but it was just too nice outside.
Oh and did I mention, the closing for the spare house is Friday! I'm so excited to get it over with. I still miss our little house next door but I've had enough time to mourn. I've moved on- literally & figuratively. I look forward to being able to put our taste and touches into our current house. We are truly blessed.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Anxiety and Thanks-A-Go-Go

Mike convinced me to buy a new sewing machine. I love him for it (and many other reasons too). As Pop would say, I got a 'smokin' deal'. An almost $600 Brother for $140! This baby has more features than I will probably ever use but hey, they are there if the wild hair tickles.
It runs so much smoother and quieter than my little Mini does. I'll miss my little smurf of a sewing machine as it will be relegated to a backup.
Thank you's: Mike for encouraging me, Beqi for mentoring me, Granny for my first sewing machine and Gryffin for being comedic relief.
My first craft show is next weekend and I am nervous. Nervous about all the work I still have left to do, about hocking my wares, pricing them right, the weather, etc. Yeah, I know I'm over reacting. That's just me, I'll get over it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not exactly Sleeping Beauty

Ok, you know its a bad night when you finally fall asleep you have dreams about not being able to go to sleep. Then when you wake up you wonder if you were ever asleep in the first place. It is my own fault though. I have gone two days without my night time meds.
All my life I've had sleep problems. My mind races as soon as I go horizontal. I can fall asleep but can't stay that way for more than 20-30 minutes. In college my room mates used to tease me because I was the only college student ever that spent 10 hours in bed every day. 10 hours in bed would get me about 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I would try everything from going to bed exhausted to warm milk, nothing.
Today I'm getting my Rx refilled so that I can have a good nights sleep tonight.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dancin' that Bag-A-Go-Go (again)

Nothing says summer like hot pink and lime green argyle.
The fabric really isn't wonky and uneven. I was just in a hurry to take pictures.
This drawstring ditty is covered in a music theme print. I had to buy it because the drummer has a Mohawk. The inside is lined with a flying heart tattoo print.
Same style as the argyle but a little less wild.
This is another Big Ass Market Bag.
Behind it is my ever expanding rack. Yeah, yeah, I know that can be taken out of context.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DL on doop rug and other assorted crap

Update on the doop rug, because I know you all are wondering, Mike took the power washer to it and it looks good as new.

I've been sewing and sewing and swearing and sewing. Since yesterday I've finished ten bags. My brain is fried, my fingers hurt and my poor little sewing machine is starting to throw temper tantrums. I've packed it up for today, he deserves a break and so do I.

For some reason I just can't seem to concentrate today. There has been an aura of anxiety over my head and I know what its caused by but really can't do much about it, except pray. So that is what I've been doing. On and off, God is probably really getting sick of me bugging him that's what He gets for being an all-powerful power.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Anyone know how to get ground in poop out of a rug? Good, you come over and clean it because I'm too busy scrubbing the poop foot prints off the hardwood floors, the tile floor, the bathroom rug, the bathtub and oh yeah, me and Gryffin. Potty training is sh*tty work.

Hurt with no regrets

I should have written this post yesterday when events were fresh in my mind and I could describe every moment but alas, I opted for a nap instead.
Saturday night Mike and I had the rare opportunity to go out like adults and party like kids. Our friend Beqi's band was playing at a biker bar, along with several other bands. I don't know what was better the music or the people watching. Ok, it was the music; although, the people watching was immensely entertaining.
First up was Beqi's band, Devil Baby Freakshow, I hope I do it justice but I can only describe it as the bastard child of punk, rockabilly and blues, with tapdancing. They are quite a show for eyes and ears. Next on was Bitch Slap Barbie, punk band. It was the first time I'd seen them but since our table was infront of a stack of speakers I'm still hearing them. Federation of Horsepower, came next. They were a rock band from KC and although the lead singer looked a little like Jabba the Hut meats Metallica, a guitarist that looked like one of the Allman brothers, a drummer with a Foo Man Choo and another guitarist that Beqi and I thought looked like a monkey, they played some damn fine music. Last but certainly not least was The Trip Daddys,, a rockabilly band. They were awesome.
Beqi and I danced until our feet and legs could no longer hold us up. I learned that no matter how cute the new shoes are, don't wear them dancing. But come on, peep toe platforms in a black and bronze satin brocade with an ankle strap? The pain was worth it, I looked good.
It was an awesome time, much needed, much deserved by all of us.