Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day!

It is the last day of 2008, did you hear?
Ringing in the New Year around here is pretty much the same as ringing in every new day, with the exception of Mike sneaking in for a midnight kiss while I do my best Sleeping Beauty impersonation. I spent my younger New Years Eve's doing what younger people do, spending way too much money and acting stupid. I just don't get the need to be out on the road with a bunch of amateurs. I don't need to sleep in a hotel bed when mine is clean and comfy. I don't need to spend a gazillion bucks on drinks when my favorite wine is here and chilled. I don't need to share a special evening with strangers when I have Mike and Gryffin. Yeah, I'm old, sorry.
Don't let me get you down. If you're going out tonight, please be careful and have enough fun that it will only take a day to recover from.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Accountability Tuesday

I'm going to lay it bare here, so all of you know. I know at least one of you will hold me accountable for my actions, or lack thereof.

My Weekly Plan:
Mondays- Clean the bathrooms and wash the towels
Tuesdays- Dust & vacuum the whole house and wash the darks
Wednesdays- Clean the kitchen and fridge and wash the lights
Thursdays- Clean the bedrooms, craft room and wash the sheets
Fridays- Wash Gryffin's clothes.

This grand plan will mean that I have no more than 30 minutes of work and two loads of laundry to do per day. Plus, to make sure I stay on track, I've set up reminders to hit my email box everyday to let me know whats on the agenda. Yes, this is where my Virgo-ness gets out of control to the point of OCD.

But all of this crazy, uber-organization has more than just a clean house as a goal. Over the years I've realized that there is a direct correlation between my depression and the condition of my home. You all know the state of cleanliness I grew up in, if you don't, let me know and I will be sure to give you nightmares. Anyway, the worse my house is, the worse my depression is. The more depressed I am, the less I want to get up off my butt and do anything- like housework. It's a never ending circle of disaster. Then there is the super lazy/ hate housework side of me. I flippin' hate, abhor, loathe and throw inappropriate sign language at housework. If I have to face cleaning the whole house in one day I won't do it. It's overwhelming. But if I break it down into little pieces it is bearable. If I can be in labor for 12 hours, I can clean for thirty, even without pain medication.

I know at least one of you are snickering thinking, "Crazy red-head, your house is always clean." Thanks to Mike, it is. But he's been taking on more and more, which has made me feel more and more guilty. He works at a job he doesn't like for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I get to stay home and play with Gryffin all day every day. Its not fair that he should have to come home to another job as housekeeper or use his weekends to catch up on laundry. Of course, this doesn't mean that he gets out of loading the dishwasher after dinner. We made a deal long ago that if I cook, he cleans the mess and why change that sweat deal after its worked so well for over a decade.

So I guess all this being said, I should get off my rear and get on with the laundry, dusting and vacuuming so Gryffin and I can play. I'm thinking maybe some time outside while its close to 60 today before tomorrow when it won't even reach 40 is in order.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shew! We made it.

It's over! It's over! Time to sit, relax and breathe for a while- or a minute.
Christmas was excellent, as usual. Wonderful time spent with family and friends, lots of laughter and love shared, not mention some pretty cool stuff given and received.

On to the New Year and a fresh start. I'm not a big believer in resolutions. Every year I make the same one, to not make one. It's the only one I've ever been able to keep. But I do rethink the year and decide what I personally need to work on.
This year has been full of clearing out the crazy people and bringing in the craftiness. I've unloaded burdens and loaded up with positive things. No regrets there. Life is too short to waste it on things that don't make me smile.
This coming year I've decided I need to work on health, home and family. First off, health. I am not overweight, but sorely out of shape. Santa took steps to help this by delivering a Wii Fit down our chimney. Also, snack foods will be nonexistent in this house, except for fresh fruit and veg. I don't really know how I can cook any healthier, so portion control will be key. Second, the home. I'm a pretty organized person, but I've fallen slack on a few things like menu planning and doing a little bit everyday rather than killing myself trying to get it all done at once. Last but not least, family. I need to take more time with them. Not just time spent, but quality of time spent. I don't have much longer before Gryffin starts school and I take second fiddle to his growing social life. I like being best friends with my son, he's the coolest kid EVER. I need to make more time for Mike too. I can't remember the last time he and I had a date.
What about you? Anything you're going to work at changing?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor (With Their Weight In Toys)

We are NEVER moving. Not only do we have great neighbors that we like, but they like Gryffin. Boy, do they like Gryffin. On a night when its raining slush and ice they come bearing gifts for him. Sarah and Paul got him the most adorable super hero costume, complete with cape, mask and wrist guards. The kid tore into it and put it on immediately. He's only had it off long enough to scarf down some dinner before returning to it. Then, 'What the hell', then... Dennis arrives with an entire garbage bag stuffed with presents for him. There was a Black Spiderman and Batman sword from his parents, Denny & Rose and three, count them- THREE different Batman's from Dennis & Lee.
Not to mention that Sarah & Paul gave Mike & I a big ol' bag of booty enhancers, aka: yummy treats and Denny, Rose, Dennis & Lee gave us a big box of cheese & sausage.
I think the only reason we would ever move now is to stalk, I mean follow these lovely people to wherever it is they try to run away from us to.
A deep, heartfelt thank you to all of you. You rock! Even though you never leave a comment on this blog, you trolls.

Friday, December 19, 2008

"What the hell?"

Last night was Gryffin's Christmas program at Day Out. As usual, the children were much better behaved than most of the adults. Gryffin actually sang without throwing super hero punches at the crowd; although, a few times it did look like he was flashing gang signs. In between the songs he would cup his mouth with his hands and scream, "Clap Grandma!"
After the theatrical production there was a sugar coma buffet. Beqi and I scoped it out and snatched treats for us and the kiddies. Then there was Santa's arrival! Gryffin and Mike waited in line to see to him patiently. I couldn't believe it but Gryffin even sat on Santa's lap. You see, Mike had made him a little paranoid about it because he told Gryffin that Santa wouldn't like it if he got tooted (farted) on. Anyway, Gryffin and Santa had a lovely conversation which ended with Santa telling Gryffin to look under the Christmas tree for his gifts.
As soon as we got home Gryffin rushed into the house, looked at his little Christmas tree and proclaimed, "What the hell?! There's no presents!" He then proceeded to start to cry. I tried to calm him down but I was laughing way too hard. Between Mike, Dianne and me we did get him calmed down and reminded that Christmas wasn't here yet.
Come Christmas morning I think the kid is going to jump out of his skin with the realization the waiting is over. Then he will melt into disappointment to realize that it's only ONE day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As requested:

Christmas Tree 2008
Almost 250 ornaments all in white, silver and pewter, several strands of silver ribbon and white lights. Next year I'm thinking of adding some feather boas in silver and white too!
A special thanks to Mike for assembling, fluffing the limbs and lighting... all the things I hate doing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

It was a pretty quiet weekend here, as usual. I like those weekends where we stick close to home and just kind of hang out. We did some last minute Christmas shopping, I think we only have one more gift to buy. I hung yet more ornaments on the tree. There's close to 150 on there now, all silver, white or pewter, with white lights and silver ribbon. Its hypnotizingly sparkly. Mmmm, shiny things!
This week is filled with karate lessons, last days of Day Out before winter break, knitting, sewing, making enormous batches of cookie dough and card addressing. Mike has next week off so I'm trying to make sure everything is done before then so we can concentrate on doing fun, family stuff and leisurely wrapping presents. That dreaded midnight wrap fest on Christmas Eve kills me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Just can't keep it up anymore

Y'all know I have an infamous 'food blog', right? Well, I'm just not posting to it as much as I would like. Why? Because I'm: A. Lazy, B. Time Constricted, C. Photographically Inconsistent. That is why I have decided to merge the personal with the passion.
That's right folks, from now on you will be getting my wonderific foody goodness right here. No longer will you have to make that extra click. Consider it an early Christmas present.

(Gee, I hope no one gets offended.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My kid, the bowling pro

The other night I was taking a nice, hot bath with a good book and a glass of wine when I heard the most happy laughter and yelling. I sat there and enjoyed the sounds for a minute and then realized what fun I was missing. I hopped out, dried off and slapped on some jammies. What I found took me aback.
My son, the three year old, was playing bowling on the Wii! And doing better than I do, mind you. He and Mike were bowling up, laughing up and playing up a storm. I sat and cheered them on and dished out hugs and kisses when Gryffin got a spare or yes, even strikes!

Monday, December 08, 2008


Every night I thank God for giving me such a wonder life with Mike and Gryffin, but so far I've neglected to thank them.

Thank you Mike for giving me a life better than I ever thought I could have. Thank you for loving me in spite of me, for taking my faults and neuroses in stride. Thank you for giving me the encouragement to make my own way in the world and thank you for being there when it led straight back to you. Thank you for supporting me and comforting me. Thank you for being you.

Thank you Gryffin for making me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time. Thank you for making me look forward to waking up (and going to bed). Thank you for being so smart that you keep me on my toes and being so silly you knock me off my feet. Thank you for being you.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Lump Sum Car Payments

We paid off our 2001 Jeep several years ago and have been lucky that it has required very few repairs over the years. Earlier in the week the check engine light came on. I didn't think too much of it since a few years ago the same thing happened and it was just a sensor that had gone out and she was running just fine. Last night we finally got her to the dealership for a checkup.
They called me bright and early to let me know that my gas cap was leaking fumes and that was the problem; however, since the Jeep has 60,000 miles on it and didn't have the 30,000 maintenance done, there is a lot of things that need to be seen to. After going through the $1200+ list of 'suggested' items, Mike and I settled on a few of the most important. We are further breaking those down in to what we have the cash to do this pay period and what we will get done next paycheck. So I guess we still make payments on it, just in large lump sums every few years. That is still better than having car payments on top of repair bills!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is coming and I can't stop it!

Three days in and not enough to show for it. I started knitting a scarflette for a friend's Christmas present but didn't like the colors, so I pulled it all out and started over last night. Now I know black does not go with EVERYTHING. Oh well, solid colors are OK too, I guess.
So far I've got one full size scarf, two circle scarves and two scarflettes done, with the exception of blocking. I have my nephews and niece bought for, Gryffin's gifts are done, Mike is almost done and everyone else gets handmade. Plus, I picked up some flannel to make us all matching jammy pants for Christmas morning. Aaaawwwwwwe. I would love to make a new tree skirt and try my hand at stockings but let's face it, I got enough left to do.
I guess that means that I should probably get off my rear and get to getting... there's also a laundry monster that needs to be slayed today.