Friday, June 30, 2006


Gryffin and I are meeting friends at the Zoo today... if he ever takes a nap that is. Little booger is in his crib just chatting up a storm and singing. GO TO SLEEP!
Anyway, on to a holiday weekend- sort of. You know what that means... high gas prices, high temperatures and high levels of crowds. We are planning next to nothing, some brats on the grill and fireworks, which we can see from our back yard.
Side note to Pop- Good luck on the 'Smoke your butt off' competition. You are always the winner in my book. And I expect the winning recipe to be posted on your site.
Safe and happy weekend to all!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Its the thought that counts, right?

Our friends mentioned that they were looking into a new house.
'Oh hey, come take a look at our nice little town. The cost of living is much lower than in that big city you live in and the commute is the same. We even know a good realtor!', we said.
Dumb, dumb, dumb. Open mouth insert foot- all the way up to the knee!
Our friends found a house they liked at a price they liked. They had an inspection and found some things they didn't like, but for the right price... I don't know the details but but somehow things went from 'It could still work' to 'I'm calling a lawyer' pretty quick.
Now we feel like microwaved dog doo because our friends (at least, we hope they still consider us friends) are in a pile of poo.
Yet again, one of my brilliant ideas turned all 'Lucy Ricardo'.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Master of Champions or Master of Idiocy?

So last night a show called Master of Champions came on and looked so bizarre we didn't bother changing the channel. They had two people compete in a cheese grating contest. The catch was that the grater was attached to their car and they had to drive around this wheel of cheese to grate it. Then there was a group that bounced around on stilts shooting fireworks, a chick who shot a bow and arrow with her toes all while bending into shapes no human can do and a couple dudes doing 'extreme unicycling'. I could feel myself strangely enthralled and mortified. This weird tingling sensation occurred. I couldn't figure out what it was until it dawned on me- it was my IQ disintegrating! I was momentarily disgusted with myself for enjoying watching people do dumb things but then again dumb people only make me look smarter! So watch on America because I won't.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Affordable=ugly Just what I wanted= a weeks pay

Gryffin didn't want to take his morning nap so now our schedule is all wonky. If you don't know what wonky means ask my nephew Isaiah- he coined it. Since a nap was not going to happen I figured I would take advantage and look for a new shower curtain. Lets see, nothing at Bed, Bath & Beyond(our budget), nothing at Kmart (Martha's was more stylish in prison stripes) and nothing at Old Time Pottery (which doesn't even sell old time pottery). I doubt Target will have anything because they have gone all retro-yuppy. I like it, but it wouldn't mesh with the rest of the house. So that leaves me with... my old one. Hey, its free, clean, matches the towels and in good shape. It just looks all [] against a [] floor, which makes for a lot of [squares]. Yeah, I'm trying to be all cute with the symbols and its not working :(

Monday, June 19, 2006

So the basement is clean but the rest of the house paid the price. I'm dragging this morning. I'm hoping more coffee will give me a little energy, we will see.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yard Sale is over. Two swollen feet, one sore back and $350. Not bad. Oh yeah, and a lot less crap to fill up space in my house!
The last of my "I Love Lucy" ideas are over. I'm pretty sure Mike is happy about it. I was so proud of him, he helped out all Friday and Saturday and didn't complain once. Which was more than I can say for myself. He worked his butt off. Thanks, Monkey!
Monday a call to a couple charities and who ever can get to it first is the winner of the left overs.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Its our 5th Anniversary- from the looks of it that would be the french toast anniversary. Actually I think Granny said it was wood or silver of something like that, but I will stick with the french toast and bacon! Mike got up this morning and surprised me with my favorite breakfast, complete with strawberries and roses AND he took the day off!
Our yard sale is tomorrow and there is still tons of work left to do. Now I have hope that it will get done.
So, to my love- Monkey, you are more than I prayed for, hoped for and wished for. You have made my dreams come true. To the rest of you- I hope your day starts as great as mine has.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm a big boy!

So, the other night Mike and I had stir-fry from the local joint and ate with chop sticks. Ooo, exotic. Anyway, Gryffin wanted to do just what Mommy and Daddy were doing so I fed him a few bites with the chop sticks but that wasn't good enough. He snatched a stick out of my hand and proceeded to stab at everything on his tray. He needed a little guidance but he did really well. This got me to thinking that maybe he is ready to use utensils. I bought him his own little spoon and fork set and a bowl with a suction cup on the bottom. Good idea, but 'Bambam' can yank it up pretty quick. I showed him how to use the fork to pick up his hot dog pieces once and he took over from there. He ate all the hot dog, mostly with his fork. This morning he was ready to try cereal with milk. As you can see, he did really well. (No, I didn't match his outfit to the bowl, spoon or chair, I'm just good like that) My little baby is not so little and doesn't much act like a baby anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to cut his hair!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muther's visit was a success. Meaning, it only lasted an hour. Thanks Gryffin for showing signs of sleepiness long before you were ready for bed!
Our bathroom is done, at least as done as far as Jim is concerned. Mike doesn't even want me to have him come back and fix the things that shouldn't need fixing but do. Like the quarter inch gap between the baseboards and the vanity cabinet. We are concentrating on the fact that it looks better than it did. Don't worry Mike- I learned my lesson and am keeping my big fat ideas behind my big fat mouth.
The last of my big fat ideas, the yard sale, will be over this weekend. Get rid of some stuff, hopefully make a little money and be able to take the afternoon off. Then again, we all know how my big fat ideas turn out.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday... day 5 of a 1 day job incase you forgot.

Rather than spending my morning ranting about how our bathroom guy is late again today I will spend it cleaning. My muther is coming over this evening. Eventhough when my house is at its worst its still better than her house at its best, I like to show her that a kitchen doesn't have to have rotting food in the sink (or on the counter, or in the fridge, or in the living room... you get the picture).
So far, I've already done the kitchen and dining room, except the floors. No need to do those until later with the dogs. On to the living room and office! Maybe I'll even get to clean a bathroom today, but I promised you I wouldn't start on that subject.
I was a bad, bad girl and let the coffee get so low that there was only enough to make 8 cups this morning. I told Mike not to leave me any, but bless that Monkey he left enough for a cup! I think I will make myself a cup a tea and let Gryffin sleep a little bit more before I break out the vacuum.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My mood has improved slightly but my energy level is nill. Jim showed up, sanded and slapped another coat of mud on the walls and took off again while it dries. I'm hoping he shows up soon to sand it so I can git to gittin' on the paint.
Folks, this is yet another example of why I don't have brilliant ideas often. They usually turn out to be far short of brilliant in real life. I talked (begged) Mike into letting a ?pro? handle this job and I'm affraid I won't be able to do again with any other large jobs.
Hey, at least this guy hasn't threatened my life! That is an improvement.

Yeah, its Monday what do ya want to make of it?!

I woke in the foulest mood. Some people wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I woke up on the wrong side of the neighborhood! Grrrrrrrr. Not even coffee has helped so far- this ain't good folks.
Jim is supposed to come and finish the bathroom today and Dianne (my MIL) is coming to watch Gryffin while I prime and paint it. I really hope Jim is focused and ready to work because I'm ready to have my bathroom back. I don't like brushing my teeth in the kitchen.
Since my mother-in-law is coming over to babysit I have to get this place clean. Luckily its not supposed to be too hot so maybe I can open the windows and get some of the dog smell out. We will see.
Yesterday I painted the inside of the bathroom closet with mildew proof and moisture resistant paint. Man, that stuff smelled great! I don't recommend using it in a little closet unless you think you can talk the haluciantions into helping paint. I get to use it again today... so all you blue and green fuzzy things that were in there laughing at me better grab a brush this time, lazy little $&*%$
Alright, enough of me on to the 'Great Dustbunny Eviction'.
I hope y'all have a better day than I think I'm in for.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I would update the picture of the bathroom, if it would show any change. After a few hours on the job, Jim said he wasn't feeling too good and left. Great. He did say that if he felt well enough to go to church today that he would be by afterward to work. Did I mention this is our only bathroom. Grrrr. Maybe now I know why he was so reasonably priced. A one day job has turned into three, at least. At least the really rough stuff is done, worse case we finish it ourselves and save several hundred bucks.
Ok, enough of my pesimism.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Close but no faucet. Jim is coming back today (I'm hoping early) to sand the ceiling, patch the drywall and install the faucet. Then I will prime and paint and he will return to install the baseboards. Then, then, then... it will be done!

I will be able to pee with the door on and everything!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey, look what I can do in two of Gryffin's naps!
The red star sits on top and gives it a 3D effect- not that you could tell from a photo- duh!

Wow, it looks so much bigger like this!

A throne fit for a king (or queen)!

I get a new bathroom today! These are the 'before' pictures. This was our first attempt at remodeling and we learned many lessons from it. First and foremost- don't blow your knee out in the middle of it. Poor Mike suffered through it and finished though. This time, a professional is doing it. It is our ONLY bathroom so we need it done quickly. Being that we have already outgrown our little cottage we didn't want to sink a lot of money into the joint, so for about a grand it will be grand.
To the Old Fart who cut in front of me in line at the grocery store yesterday...
I hope your Depends overflow with diarhea.
To the Blue Hairs that made it their life's goal to trap me in the isles with them at the grocery store yesterday...
I hope your orthopedic shoes rot.
To the little old lady who smelled like a shoe and had so many kids she didn't know what to do at the grocery store yesterday...
Take a bath and get your tubes tied.
To the iliterates who couldn't read the self-checkout screen directions at the grocery store yesterday...
Apparently you could read the food stamp application.
To the non-English speaking mosiers who constantly got in my way at the grocery store yesterday...
This is America- learn the language or GET OUT!
To the management of the grocery store...
I know we are in the Midwest but there are fruits and veggies other than apples and corn.
To the million and one people who told me my son lost his shoe at the grocery store yesterday...
No shit?!
To the guy who almost hit me in the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday...
You would've heard the name I called you if you hadn't been blasting country music. Country music should NEVER be blasted, but then again you did have a mullet.
To everyone who was not at the grocery store yesterday...
I'm jealous.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back in the solder again.

I started my glass class last night. I am filled with excitement and dread. It is a lead class, and I have never been fond of doing leaded windows. Then why would I take this class, you ask? I figure its kind of like exercise... the process sucks but the end result is worth it. That and if I ever want to make any money at this hobby I need to be proficient in all aspects.
It's Thursday, it's hot and I get to drag Gryffin to the grocery store. Everyone should be so lucky. I love my son and all of his little tricks, except for the one where he can turn completely around and stand up in the shopping cart even with the seatbelt strapped tight. Anybody got a straightjacket size extra small for my little Hudini?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Christmas was Saturday, didn't you know?

For Christmas last year Mike gave me a gift certificate to a day spa for a facial and Swedish massage. Good husband. Last Saturday I finally used it. Well, it does expire this month. Anyway, I had a facial for the first time in my life. It was a little weird. I'm not one to have my face touched, especially by strangers.
First I was led into a little room that was dimly lit with soft music playing. I was pointed toward a really soft robe, told to change and get comfy in what looked like a dentist chair with blankets. It was more comfortable than it looked. The woman came back in and proceeded to put gunk on my face, she then wiped it off. Lather, rinse, repeat about a dozen times. I don't know what she was putting on and taking off but one of the applications smelled like cucumber and old shoe leather. The one I enjoyed most was the cinnamon mask. It smelled like fresh baked cinnamon rolls and made my face tingle. After a little face and shoulder massage it was over. I was just getting into it and decided that I just might have to do it again- except for the cucumber and old shoe leather part.
In a couple of weeks I'm going back for the Swedish massage and I am soooo looking forward to that! Its in the morning so I may just have to kiss Mike and Gryffin goodbye early and hit the coffee shop first. Why not make a morning out of it! I'll see.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Down on the farm

Sunday we packed up the Grandparent's and headed out to Mike's Dad's place. My father-in-law has a pretty good chunk of earth, in my opinion. A nice little house, a barn, a few horses, a lot of trees and a driveway that discourages visitors. I could do without his pool though- anything bigger than a bathtub scares me, especially if the water is green.
Mike found an old Radio Flyer that was his little brother Jake's. Jake is now at that age where he is more into skateboards and hunting, so Gryffin made it his. It needs some cleaning and a new coat of paint on the inside, but its in really good shape other than that. Also, Jake's old swingset is going to be relocated to our backyard. With a slide, an a couple swings I will finally have my own swing! By the time we got home, got Gryffin bathed and ready for bed we were all exhausted, but in a good way.

Friday, June 02, 2006

On to the weekend!

Yesterday's accomplishments were hampered by a loss of power. We had a big storm roll through and the power was knocked out for most of the afternoon. That sucked, but it gave Gryffin and I a lot of time to just sit and play. Luckily, it came back on before bed time so the house had a chance to cool off a bit.
Today, today, today... what shall I do today? I have someone coming over to get my glass scraps for use in a mosaic. Then there is the laundry thing, the grocery store thing and the bill paying thing. I think thats enough things.
Saturday we NEED to work on yard sale stuff. Amazing how much crap you accumulate without even realizing it. Mike and I are really careful about it too. Nothing is allowed to come in the house unless we know exactly where it will be kept and that there is room for it. Unless Granny decides we need it... like a gazillion gallon turkey deep fryer or a contraption that peels, slices and cores an apple all while dripping apple juice all over your counter. We have decided that anything that isn't Holiday related or was given to us by Granny (she has a habit of asking to borrow things she's given us) is going to be gotten rid of. So, if you are in the market for a queen size sleigh bed, various sets of bedding, curtains, kitchen stuff, dishes, books, baby stuff and clothes and are in the STL area come on by. I'll make you a great deal. Infact, if you just want to come over and clean out the basement and garage you can have it all for a dollar!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ok, so its Thursday. I haven't done any housework in almost a week. The laundry monster and the dust bunnies are forming a union and the house smells like dog. YUCK!
A long time ago I developed a schedule. This breaks my home into zones and I have a detailed cleaning list for each zone. I have one zone assigned to each day, except Saturday and Sunday. Hey, I deserve a weekend too!
Again, today is Thursday sooo....
Its kitchen/dining room day. This means that I scour the kitchen and dining room from top to bottom (or as much as I can get done in an hour). I will not clean for more than an hour and even that is usually broken down into 15 minute increments. If there are things left undone they get sent to the top of the list and will be taken care of next week. This way, I am never behind! I just jump in on whatever day it is and take care of as much as I can.
Now, my schedule needs to be tweeked because Mike has mentioned that while he doesn't mind watching Gryffin on Sunday mornings when I go grocery shopping he thinks the time could be spent in better ways... family time, working on projects around the house, etc. I agree. But have you ever tried grocery shopping with a 1 year old? I will try though.
Enough of this... I better get to that cleaning while Gryffin is still napping!