Monday, August 21, 2006

Schedule adjustment...

Today I am stuck with a cranker! Gryffin's schedule got all out of whack over the weekend which has got him all messed up today. Since it was hopeless to get him into a good mood I decided that it was time to get him in sync with the 'Day Out' programs schedule. This involves going from two naps, one morning/one late afternoon, to just one after lunch. I think it will take me longer to get used to than him as this cuts my free time down drastically. I guess I will just have to take my showers at night and squeeze all my household duties into a single naps timeframe. Not impossible.
This just reiterates what I've always known. Kids must have schedules and structure. When they no longer know what to expect they freak out. I was this way as a child, which explains why I was always freaking out. I still do sometimes when things aren't as they usually are. But as an adult I have better coping skills and can more easily adjust.
Again, if I'm going to get it ALL done in one nap session I've got to get moving!

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