Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day Off

Thats what I've got whether I like it or not. Thanks to the wonky weather 'round these parts my arthritis has decided not to let me sew. Its mainly in my left hand so if you see any typos its because I'm typing with one hand.
Today is Fair Shares day, as is every Wednesday. Its nice to have a food co-op every week instead of every month like the last one I was involved in. Also unlike the last Fair Shares food doesn't seem to have fallen off the back of a truck. Can you imagine having locally grown meat, locally roasted coffee, locally made jams, jellies, peanut butter and syrup? Not mention locally grown veggies? This is only the second week and I am hooked. Plus its fun to be a little surprised, kind of like getting a goody bag of food every week. Many of the ingredients I've never cooked with because I could never justify paying the full price in a supermarket. This way, I pay less and I pay the farmer- not the processor.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sneek a peek!

These are bangle bags. The bracelets hang the bag from your wrist. They're the perfect size for a night out. The 'tattoos' are appliqued.

This is a wristlet. Another bag perfect for a night out on the town.

This bag will be a one of a kind because

1. the heavy interfacing is expensive

2. I'm bad at button hole stitches

3. it was a bitch to do

This is my Big Ass Market Bag. Designed for those who don't believe in plastic grocery/shopping bags but do believe in being stylish.

This is the bag opened up all the way. This thing could hold a small village!

I've made many, many more recently, not to mention the headbands I'm doing- 3 so far completed and close to 20 cut out. Yup, I'm pooped.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bippety, boppety, bags!

Yesterday I finished two and made three. That's five altogether! Two were even original designs. Sounds fancy but it ain't.
One I made to take to a birthday party we are attending this evening at a bowling alley. It has a vintage inspired bowling print. I thought it would make for a good conversation starter and look totally awesome with the dress I plan on wearing. I think I may even try to take pics of all my bags and make a quick little catalogue to bring too. Just in case.
Hmmm, sounds like I might have some work to do today. Better get cracking!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Holy underpants, Batman!

There is so much I could blog about, Gryffin's birthday, open house on the spare house this weekend, all the many, many bags I've completed the past couple days, our first food co-op pickup yesterday, etc. I get tired just thinking about all the coals we have in the burner right now.
So, I will blog about underwear. Yes, underwear. As in the pair of big-boy Spiderman under pants my son is wearing at the moment. The Farmer's Almanac gave today (and this week) as the best time to start potty training. We have already started but haven't been sticklers, but I figured if hundred's of years of tracking, planning, star charts and prophesy can guide the farmer's, it can guide us too. And this way if things don't work out it's not mine or Gryffin's fault, its theirs.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Semi-sober cooking with Sandra Lush

What happens when you start to make the icing for your son's birthday cupcakes at 9pm the night before? Let's just say, it ain't pretty.
I made butter cream frosting. It looked at tasted like butter, but not good butter.
Now I'm on to cream cheese frosting. I really hope I don't screw it up too.
I went and checked Food TV online for quick frosting recipes and was aghast at the results. Almost all of them that came up were from Sandra Lee. SANDRA LEE people! If all it takes is to open a box, can or jar to get your own show- sign me up! I can easily fake cook, decorate a table and make drinks even a desperate alcoholic wouldn't touch because they were too froo-froo. I was looking for icing recipes and they listed canned icing as an INGREDIENT!
Now maybe its just because its past my bedtime, I'm PMS-ing and didn't get a nap but when making icing, canned icing should be nowhere in the recipe. Enough bitching, I'm pouring a glass of wine and diving into making the cream cheese frosting. Then its on to royal icing for the decorating which I've so wisely chosen to do in the morning (after coffee).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Latest & Greatest

OK, maybe that is an exaggeration, but here are the two bags I finished today!
This one is an embroidered denim with a hot pink lining.
This one is my favorite. Its huge, the geisha print looks awesome with the bamboo handles. Its lined with black. This one would be perfect for knitters, it can hold lots of yarn, needles, projects and even a book or two!

The rack they are hanging from I got today. Its a double rack, industrial strength with chunky wheels that I picked up for cheap. I'm having Mike cut a piece of wood for the bottom so that I can put my plastic bins full of bags, headbands and aprons and not have to carry a damn thing!

Shake, rattle and roll

Which is exactly what I did last night. We were hit with a 5.4 earthquake. I don't see any real damage, but at 8 am my eyes aren't trustworthy. My consciousness doesn't start until 9, after I've finished my coffee.
I was laying on the couch around 4:30 this morning when things started to move. I thought that either Granny's ghost was pulling funny pranks or we were having an earthquake. I'm very familiar with earthquake like activity. As a kid we lived very close to a rock quarry that would set off explosions every day around noon. It would shake the house, occasionally knock pictures off the wall ad always make me wonder if the house was going to fall apart. It was close to it even without the shaking.
Last night after things settled down I tried to go back to sleep but wondering whether it was Granny or an earthquake kept me awake. You joke, but I'm serious. I fell back to sleep just in time for Mike to kiss me goodbye and tell me that Gryffin had (yet again) crept into our bed and was still in there. I'm definitely going to need a nap today as I was also up late last night working on purses.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sew much to do!

Memorial Day is a month away and I've got more work to do than a one armed paper hanger. I have about 10 bags made and one apron. That does not an inventory make. Plus I need to figure out something to use for display.
But this is not on the forefront of my mind. Sunday is Gryffin's birthday! Holy crap, my baby ain't no baby anymore. Did I mention than he has pre-kindergarten screening in a couple weeks? I am hell-bent on not reliving the store bought cake disaster from last year. Plastic icing tastes almost as good as it sounds. I have decided to do cupcakes: easy, simple, yummy. I'm going with (duh) a Super Hero theme. I picked up some small Superman figures to place atop the kids cupcakes. Gryffin will have a Superman candle and the cupcake wrappers are also imprinted with the big S guy. Spiderman is Gryffin's favorite but I couldn't find any of this stuff with his likeness so I'm thinking of just decorating some of the cupcakes with spider webs.
Luckily, Mike is taking a 1/2 day tomorrow to help get ready. Between baking and decorating the cupcakes there is cleaning and Gryffin occupying to be done. I figure if I bake Friday, decorate cupcakes and clean Saturday, Sunday will be just a quick dust and straighten before party time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And the winner is...

The comments were pretty clear that Bag-A-Go-Go is a good name. Since I cannot officially win my own contest I will have to find my winner another way. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, leave a comment on this entry with the number you think it is. The person closest will win a hand made purse. Only one entry per person and you cannot guess the same number another person has. You can make your guess from now through Sunday. I will announce the winner next week. Good luck!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Made 5 yesterday. This pattern is pretty simple and straight forward so I could crank them out like an assembly line. I love the one in front. Its a brown micro-suede, the pattern is embroidered on. All have bamboo handles and are fully lined.
Last night I started on a doll for a birthday present to a one year old. I haven't made dolls in eons so this is a real test of my memory. The dress is what is really throwing me off. I don't sew clothes, never have and after this never will. After I make the dress and sew on the hair she will be done. I'll post a pic of her soon.
So its time to post that great name that I know all of you have been racking your brain over all week. Come on Peeps- I need a name for my company!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When life throws you lemons...

Lace them with explosives and throw them back. At least, that's how I feel today.
We got really bad news last night. Don't worry, we are all still healthy. It's just news regarding the sale (or lack thereof) of our old house. We were 10 days away from closing when the whole thing fell in the toilet. I don't blame anyone. I'm not angry at anyone. We just have to start from scratch, take the house off the market for awhile and find a way to come up with a new roof that we are bound to lose money on. I guess its better to limit our loss, or at least try to than gamble an unknown amount.
Y'all know, I don't have good luck with contractors so wish me some. I have to schedule a bunch of estimates today. I hate dealing with contractors (shysters). Oh well, nothing I can't handle.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Put your thinking cap on!

As any of my loyal readers know, I've delved into bag/purse making. Only some of you are aware that I (along with my friend will be hawking my wares at Gypsy Caravan
Since I plan on opening an Etsy shop with any unsold or future makings, I need a name!
I thought I would take a page from a friend's site, and make it a contest. Here are the rules. Sorry, but there has to be rules.
1. You must submit the name for my future multi-hundred dollar company in the comments field of this blog entry, along with your name.
2. The name must be something original and untrademarked, duh.
3. The name must be short, sweet and to the point (unlike myself)
4. All entries must be submitted no later than midnight this Friday ( April 11th ) and my decision will be posted next week.
If I choose your entry, you will win....
Most likely a purse or bag. But you probably already had guessed that, huh?
Dust off those grey cells and get that hamster a running!

Thursday, April 03, 2008