Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Paint Fume Cure

Who would've thunk that paint fumes could kill a headache? Ok they probably didn't, but getting the blood pumping by doing something might have.
I painted the accent wall in the entry way. Its a pretty orange. Reminds me of cantaloupe or orange sherbet and it looks great with the print we purchased at an art show for the space.
Our entryway, living room and dining room are all open to one another. The main walls of each are going to be a khaki/beige. Yeah, I know. Beige. Anyway, there will be two accent walls in the dining room that are going to be an apple green. All the rooms will have bright white trim.
I just hope it turns out like what I've pictured in my head. If not, then it will look a lot like a rotting bowl of fruit.
I'm really not used to using bright colors. We prefer dark but this house is already so dark that if we used the ones we really wanted we would be living in a cave.
Oh well, it really can't be any worse than the icy baby blue that covers the front half of the house and the institutional green that covers the back half.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here I sit with one cup of coffee down wondering if my right eye will pop out into my empty mug. After a night of hardly any sleep, I always wake up with a eye popping headache. The good news is that I caught a Hogan's Heros marathon for a few hours starting about 1 am.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My husband loves me!

He spent all day yesterday giving me more storage space in the kitchen. Even though our 'new' kitchen is twice the size as the one in the old house, it doesn't have nearly the storage.
He is going to be installing an in-cabinet trash can soon. We hate having to look at a garbage can. I'll relocate the Mojo's dishes and get a rolling island to put here.
Look at all the glorious space! I might have to start canning since I now have room to put them. This cabinet freed up the small pantry and three cabinets. Now I'll have room for all of my serving dishes, bakeware and more dry goods.
Oh, he also cleaned out the garden shed so we have a place for the bikes!
We are slowly but surely making this place our own. I think (I know) Granny is proud and happy for us. I thank her regularly for blessing us, her ghost hangs out in the guestroom.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Everybody was kung Foo Fighting

Last night Mike and I went to the Foo Fighters concert. It was awesome. I would go into details about the opening acts, the play list, etc but I know if you really cared, you would have been at the concert yourself. That, and I'm just too dawg gone tired. Partying on a school night was never my thing, even when I was still in school.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Damn you, Beqi and your fantabulous inspiration and encouragement. Now you've got me obsessed with making a garment. I swore off making clothes years ago because they frustrated the hell out of me but now, what have I been working on the past few days? A shirt to wear to the Foo Fighters concert Sunday.
My first attempt looked something like a silky flour sack. I ripped out the seams and started over. The second attempt is better but I still need to redo the redo. Third times a charm, right?
If it ever turns into a wearable garment, I'll post pics.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This morning while reading the news and drinking coffee I was hit with the feeling of 'Things are only going to get worse". Not only is one of St Louis' largest employers being bought out by an overseas company but even more locally, our farmer's are struggling with getting their corn crops to grow and our two generation owned military surplus store is closing.
There were articles about how gas is only going to go up, along with prices for everything. Crops are looking dismal because of the wacky weather this spring. Property taxes have sky rocketed and property values, it seems, are being determined by the whatever hair tickles the assessors backside.
Are you gloomy yet?
I'm trying not to be. I realize that farmer's know the risks of their profession, especially here where weather is unpredictable. I know that businesses close, I just hate to see the small, family one's go under. The price of gas has just made me become better at planning trips and become more inventive with things to keep Gryffin occupied around the house.
All this economic instability just means that we have to tighten our belts. Maybe even redefine what the American way of life should be. We are a country of excess. Excessive vehicles, houses, waste and waistlines. Hopefully, with a little cutting back and reevaluation of our lifestyle we won't feel the pinch too terribly.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

Today we set up Gryffin's big boy bed, aka a twin size. He's out of the crib and I'm both sad and elated. Last weekend we went shopping for the perfect bed. I was not about to let my kid sleep on one of those cheep, plastic covered, starter mattresses. We picked out a nice one with lots of support and a pillow top for comfort. With the back problems Mike and I have we want to insure Gryffin doesn't inherit them. We them took Gryffin to pick out sheets for his new bed. Of course, he picked out Hulk ones. I also picked him up some plain ones and a waterproof mattress cover. He's potty trained, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't have an occasional accident.
The bed came in this afternoon. Mike dismantled the crib, I tried not to watch for fear of crying. Gryffin helped and got all excited to finally have his big bed. We broke out the Hulk sheets and the Spiderman blanket and along with the stuffed effigies of these two super heroes, his bed was made. To which Gryffin promptly initiated it by jumping up and down on it and insisting Mike and I lay on it too.
My kid is awesome in that he swings with the punches or swings the punches. Either way, he adapts without much fuss. He's excited to sleep in his new big boy bed, with his super hero friends, sheets and blankets. He didn't cry when the crib was taken away and thinks the guard rails on the sides are cool. Again, he's awesome!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Up to speed and hoping to coast

Long story short: Pa, after spending less than 24 hours in a nursing home, fell and broke his hip. Saturday he had it replaced and today is set to be released from the hospital. Mike has been frantically trying to find a different nursing home that isn't a urine smelling death trap. Ain't easy.
Gryffin has decided that since everyone around him is stressed and tired that now would be a good time to push limits again. I can't really blame him, when you're three understanding the complexities of adult responsibilities is too much to handle. Heck, Mike and I have felt like throwing tantrums, hitting and crying hysterically lately too. Things will get back to the normal routine soon.
Mike's birthday party turned out well, except for me forgetting to haul out the cake while the majority of people were here. Mike got much needed fun and laughter out of it and was totally shocked that I bought him a Wii. The neighbors & gayhbors stayed until almost 11 pm, good thing they didn't have a long trip home.
Oh, did I mention? My MIL just called and wants to take Gryffin overnight tomorrow after he's done at Day Out and wants to keep him until Friday evening! Just the thought of having the house and husband to myself is wonderful.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Too much going on to blog.
When the spinning vortex of fun is over I'll let y'all know.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I don't know what my deal is. The past couple/few days I felt almost flu like: achy, tired, headache, tummy troubles. All I've wanted to do is, well, nothing. I have to do a better job of faking feeling fine because we have a party to put on!
Sunday is my husband's birthday and we are celebrating on Saturday with various friends, relatives and neighbors. Nothing fancy, just some munchies and chocolate cake with chocolate icing (as requested).
Coffee is gone so it must be time to get moving.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pa Update

Pa is still in the hospital, but as of last night was finally able to eat. After getting the menfolk haircuts we all headed to visit with him. I was really apprehensive about it. Not that I didn't want to see Pa but because I wasn't sure how Gryffin would handle it.
All the way there we talked with Gryffin about he needed to be three things: gentle, soft and quiet. He was awesome, even shushed Mike when he was talking to the nurse. When we got to Pa's room he was sound asleep, which kind of scared Gryffin. He clung to me like a baby monkey and I could tell by his face he was scared. Mike quickly checked Pa's chart to see what he had been up to that day and we headed home.
It was important that Gryffin see where and what his Daddy has been doing lately. I'm hoping it will not only solidify his awesome view of his father but also help with the 'I want my Daddy' tantrums.