Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Losing faith in humanity one person at a time...

You know what?  I'm tired of fighting the same fight that should have been over a year ago.  I'm tired of being the one accused of being to lazy to sweep a floor but the one who has had to constantly clean up messes I didn't make.  I'm tired of trying to convince myself that people are essentially good.  And I'm tired of not being taken seriously. 
I'm not the person I was a year ago.  I don't like to cause trouble because I feel someone deserves it.  That is Karma's job.  I don't like to bicker and verbally spar in hopes of being heard.  If what I say isn't heard now then all I can do is enlist a stronger voice.  This is a road I do not want to venture down and I'm hoping and praying that I'm not forced down it.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 brought me a lot of change, some good, some good in disguise and some that will bring good eventually.  I parted ways with a few people this year and although it was tough going, I realize now that it opened up space in my life to let some really wonderful new friends in.  I've also embarked on some life changing endeavors.  I have begun karate and am now a gold belt.  I've lost 10 pounds through a diet that finally gave me a diagnosis of Celiac Disease for many health issues I've dealt with for years and as a result am learning a new way of cooking and thinking about food.  And I've crawled out of my social hole and expanded my communication skills.  All these changes are sure to bring about even more change during the new year, but since they are all positive I'm sure that this will be the best year yet.
I want even more change too.  While I will continue to expand upon last years positive changes I have a few more I would like to add in this new year.  I'm going to concentrate on tones, the tone in voices (myself and others) to make sure it correlates to what the words are saying and the tone of my body and my family's health. 
I wish all of you reading this the best year ever and hope that any goals you have set for it come to fruition.