Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MMmmmm druuuuuuugs....

My head is in a drug induced fog. Allergy medicine doesn't always relieve your symptoms but it usually makes you so stoned you don't care. Unfortunately it also makes you really unproductive. I'm really sensitive to the stuff so I started with half the recommended dosage and when I didn't feel anything thought it would be safe to take the other half. WRONG.
Hey, did you see the size of that chicken?
Anyway, I still have to figure out a way to get the laundry done, the bathroom cleaned, dinner prepped and some photos of Ebay stuff taken, downloaded and hopefully listed. I know all this because I wrote it on a 'To Do' list last night because I definately couldn't think that straight now.
Ah well, slow and steady wins the race... if you can find the starting line.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Clearance is clutter!

Have you noticed how many shows are popping up on the TV about clutter? These shows are generally centered around a person or family who is living in a house full of stuff that is deemed, by them, important. Where does the corolation between things and emotions come from? The only thingsI couldn't live without aren't actually things, but people. There are things that I have put setimental value upon but that is because they were given to me by people I dearly love. I don't need the thing to feel the love I have for these people or the love they have for me. That is what my memories are for.
I know that I have mentioned this before but I grew up in a house full of stuff. I don't mean just cluttered. I mean Fred Sanford on steroids cluttered. I guess that is why I have such an aversion to clutter now. Everynight before I go to bed I HAVE to straighten the living room and put away all the toys. I even so weird that I can't climb into an unmade bed. Not that I make mine every morning, but I do make it before I crawl into it at night. I don't sleep as well when there is a sink full of dirty dishes either. I've learned that a 15 to 20 minute investement in the evening is worth twice as much the next morning.
Having a child makes it hard to keep things under control. When I see Gryffin smile at a toy in the store I have to restrain myself from buying it. The same thing for a really cute outfit for him. It gets really hard when the item is on sale or clearance. The automatic mental response is "But its on sale!". I think the advertising companies send this message subliminally through commercials. I've learned that if I buy something that I don't truly NEED just because its a good deal is still wasting money and feeding the clutter bug. It is adding something to my household and subtracting something from my wallet. I've learned to interogate myself when in a retail setting. I always ask, "Do I really NEED this?".
An example of this happened this weekend. Gryffin NEEDED some jammies. He had two pair that were warm enough. Kohl's was having a big sale so we drug ourselves out early enough to catch their Early Bird Specials. On our way to the kids department I spotted a really cute pair of shoes for myself. Hey, they were on sale and fit! Like I usually do I put them in the cart and told Mike I would think about them. We proceeded to find four pair of jammies for Gryffin, just enough to make it through a week. On the way to checkout I told Mike I wasn't going to get the shoes because I really didn't need them and Gryffin NEEDED jammies. He prompty scolded me and reminded me that it was getting colder and the sandals I have been wearing everyday since May weren't going to cut it. He asked how many pair, besides my tennis shoes, I had. Hmm, let see... none. Ok, he was right. I needed a pair of shoes to keep my feet warm just as much as Gryffin needed jammies to keep him warm. Even through checkout I was still feeling a little guilty about buying them, but I couldn't argue with my husband's logic.
Now I have to make room for my purchases though. Time to Ebay! There are a lot of clothes Gryffin can no longer fit in, some still with tags that were purchased by various Grandmother's. If I get, I get to get rid of!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sermon to the masses...

I know I should be sitting here balancing the checkbook and paying bills but for some reason our bank's site decided it didn't want to get out of bed today. So here I am- goofing off.
Last night Gryffin's Day Out program had an Open House. Yes folks, my husband voluntarily walked into a church building without spontaneously combusting or incurring the wrath of Kathulu. The walls didn't drip with blood, small children didn't run screaming nor did lightning strike him (or us). Although he did cringe when Gryffin's teacher mentioned them saying the pledge of allegiance to the Christian flag. Don't misunderstand, he is not some devil worshipping, animal sacrificing, pagan. He just doesn't believe in ORGANIZED religion, thus the Kathulu reference. (Sidenote- Kathulu is the god of chaos) My views are slightly different, slightly. I do believe there is a supreme creator, a.k.a. God, who provides for, protects and heals us- if we allow Him to. I believe that prayer works be it in form of folded hands, candle flames or fleeting thoughts. I believe that God works in mysterious ways and allows each of us to learn what our heart deems to be right. In essence, what is right for some is not right for all.
I was raised in a religion of 'If you are not in this building everytime the doors open and believe exactly what we tell you, you are doomed to flaming pits of torture for eternity'. If God truly is love, I just can't buy that hooey. Sorry, if I offend anyone in the vocalization/writing of this entry I do not mean to belittle you or your beliefs. As I stated earlier, to each their own. However, after many years of studying the Bible and other texts considered to be Holy by various cultures, I have determined that I can't possibly take every word as 'written in stone'.
Riddle me this, Joker?
If we were created by a God of love, able to adapt to our surrounding (evolve), to care for one another and to not judge others, then how can one religion condemn another? How can one person take the responsibility to say that another is wrong for holding service in a building full of shrines and statues or in the woods for that matter? How can one group take the responsibility to say that another group is wrong for believing that reincarnation occurs or that animals have souls and should not be eaten?
Yeah, yeah, you're thinking its not Sunday and you shouldn't be subject to sermons today so I will shut it. Hey, maybe my bank's sites up and running and will spare you the rest of my diatribe?!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fashion is not in the genes.

Daddy is a sucker, if its under $20. We visited a couple Halloween stores yesterday where Gryffin discovered his new favorite hat. The picture doesn't show it very well, but there are little bells hanging off the end of each spike. So, not only does it look oh so cool, it makes noise! You've got to admit it, when you're as cute as he is, it can be pulled off tastefully. Maybe not with that shirt though.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ahhh, can you smell it?
Yup folks, thats fall in the air.
Sitting on the front step this morning, drinking coffee and talking to Mom, she and I realized that its that perfect time of year. The morning and evenings get a slight chill, where the afternoons are warm and sunny. I tell you, there is nothing better than fall. Except maybe when you can sit next to a fire, reading a good book and watching snow fall. If its gonna be cold I want something pretty to look at!
Its time to start thinking about ghosts and goblins and CANDY! Don't forget the pumpkins and caramel apples too. This year I need to get more serious about a costume for Gryffin. Last year it was whatever I could borrow. Tricks or treats, smell my feets- I can't hardly wait.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gryffin's Day Out

Yesterday was Gryffin's first day at 'Day Out'. When we arrived there were already several children in the play room. We met his teacher, Miss Katie. She asked Gryffin if he would like to go play and of course, he did! He tromped off to the play room where he immediately headed for the purple toy vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum is purple and he is fascinated by it. I watched from a window in the door and held back tears. Once he saw all those toys and kids I knew he would be just fine. Me on the other hand, I watched him for about 15 or 20 minutes until it was too hard to hold in the tears. I made it to the car before I let them roll. All the way home I kept talking myself out of turning around and getting him. I decided to reward myself with a latte for making it home.
When I picked him up Miss Katie told me that he was wonderful! She said the only time he cried was when it was nap time. He wanted to keep playing. As soon as he laid down he was out though.
We came home and played and talked about his day. And I told him that he would be going back Friday. I'm pretty sure he understood because he got all excited and started laughing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is what I would love to wake up to every morning! Just not after having to sleep in the back of a Jeep. My back didn't hurt nearly as much as my head and stomach. I think I remember what a hangover feels like now.

When I arrived at the campsite Saturday everyone else was still on the river. I love it when a plan comes together! I had a few hours to sit, watch the water go by, finish one book and start another. It was so perfect I didn't even worry about my son, too much.
Everyone had a great time, at least what they can remember of it. Based upon how everyone felt Sunday morning I should have bought stock in Budweiser.
We all broke camp early Sunday to head home and pick up the little ones. I had a great time, but it couldn't compare to seeing Gryffin again!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Boy, am I tired of hearing about the death of the Crocodile Hunter! Everywhere I turn there is a story popping up about it. I'm sorry world but there are other things happening! Have you heard of Iran? How about the wars our president has gotten us in to? Or maybe the story about the priest, the rabbi and the goat? Oh wait, thats a joke.
Yes, this man created much hype and interest in wildlife that hasn't been seen since National Geographic had a show on network TV. But give me a break! He recklessly toyed with wildlife for the sake of ratings. Don't you remember him dangling his infant son infront of a hungry alligator?
Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic to the family he left behind. And all the now unemployed cameramen, sound guys and script writers: however, can the morbid couriosity behind this end? Next thing you know the video clip of his death (yes, it was during a show taping) will be the most downloaded video on UTube.
Come on America, get a grip.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Its Sunday...

Usually Sundays get me a little down as its Mike's last day home with us. But tomorrow being Labor Day, he doesn't have to go to work! YEAH! I know, I know, he's been home since Thursday but can I help it if I like having him around? Although, I don't know how much he's going to be around today as he has work to do over at Granny's house. While she is at the hospital visiting Pa, Mike is going to 'air out' her house and do some cleaning. Granny lives like a mushroom. She doesn't like fresh air, sunshine or pretty much anything green. She never opens the curtains or windows and prefers dim artificial light. I could live about a day like that before I went bonkers!
As soon as it gets below 70 at night we have all the windows open and don't close them until we are shivering during the day, unless it rains of course. One of the first things I do in the morning is open the blinds. My parents, lucky ducks, usually have their morning coffee outside on the patio and eat many meals outside too! Mom and Dad took a little rundown greasy drive in restaraunt and turned it into a little oasis. They are smack dab in the middle of the city but you couldn't tell, at least not until the school bell rings or a train goes by. Mike and mine's goal is to someday own a little piece of woods and be able to enjoy our morning coffee outside, maybe watching the water of a little creek go by and listening to nature. Slap up some solar panes, a wind turbine and a well and goodbye world!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Any Requests?

And you just thought I played the harmonica and drums!
As pointed out in the comments, I have neglected to provide a detailed caption. My most inquisitive reader, my Mom, could out question the writers on Jeopardy. Here goes, Mom! I hope I can forsee them all...
This picture was taken last weekend at our friends Chris and Mandy's. We were invited over for dinner and for Gryffin to be introduced to his future wife. Or so Mandy hopes. Before dinner Gryffin treated us to a little ivory tickling. He literally tickled. We were expecting him to pound away, but no. Precisely and gently he tapped on the keys. One at a time, then two or three. He soon however lost interest when he discovered Fritos.
Long time no post!
I celebrated my 34th birthday with antibiotics. Woo Hoo! Yup, one dose of it told me that I would rather be sick than take any more. So, I chucked the remaining pills down the toilet and set my mind to healing. My bday was pretty low key as I hadn't even gotten out of my pajamas all day. Mike gave me a new cookie scoop that I wanted AND tickets to a concert. Cindy Lauper at the Pageant! I am really looking forward to it. As a child of the 80's Cindy will always hold a special place. Afterall, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Mike's Pa (grandfather) is having surgery today. They found colon cancer was the culprit of his dramatic blood loss. Please pray for him and his family.
Mike has taken a few days off to do stuff around the house, he says. Personally, I think he took them off because sitting behind a desk worrying about an ailing loved one would've driven him insane. When he is up doing something he has something to preoccupy him a little. I won't complain! He has already reconfigured the desk so Gryffin can't get at the computer and moved the cable cord. Again, so Gryffin can't mess with it anymore. He has mowed the lawns. The back yard looked it should have had some PBR cans scattered and maybe a broken down washer in it. He has hinted at putting his tools away and giving me the garage back, but I won't push that issue. At least, not until the cold hits. I don't park outside when its cold- period.
Oh did I mention that while I was sick he came home everynight, took care of dinner and Gryffin and did some housework?! Yup, I think I will keep him.