Monday, August 07, 2006

Make me an offer, any offer... please.

We are practically selling the entire contents of our home right now, either on local sell-it sites or on EBay. A mattress, box spring, frame, leather recliner, leather club chair and ottoman, tons of baby stuff, I could keep going like the Energizer Bunny but I will spare you. We have been trying to sell the bed for a while now and have gotten nothing but scammers emailing me saying they would love to buy it. They will send me a money order for way more than I'm asking and arrange the pickup just as long as I return the 'leftover' funds. I took the post for it off that site this morning. Scammers really get me steaming. I daydream about them being arrested in some covert sting operation, getting cavity checked and stripped searched and being thrown into a small cell with a very large man who isn't picky. Redheads too have tempers, ya know!
Mike listed the bed on the board at work and we have a guy coming tonight to look at it. Holy Crap! A stranger in my home- tonight?! I'm going MIA, I'll just have the dust bunnies show it too him. Yeah, I know that will break all sorts of dust bunny union and labor laws and I certainly don't want to have to start paying them. I guess I better get off my blogging butt and get to cleaning.

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