Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Shh, I'm trying to think.

I think I may be on sensory overload. After not hearing all the little, and not so little, noises around me for so long its overwhelming. Last night I had a really bad headache from all the noise and its still with me today. But- that is OK with me! The audiologist said that this could happen and will go away once my ears adjust.
I don't know if Mike is going to be so happy that I can hear once I tell him about all the doors squeeking around here and the ceiling fans being out of balance. It was kind of funny last night I kept telling him he didn't have to yell everytime he said something. I was in the bedroom putting laundry away and he was in the kitchen putting dishes away when I walked up to him and told him he didn't need to slam the dishes around. It really did sound like he was too. Without my hearing aides I wouldn't have been able to hear him at all. Now we won't have to scream across the house or make sure we are in the same room before speaking. This is so wild!

House Next Door Update:
Cleared out and ready for paint: Master Suite, what is to be Gryffin's room and guest bathroom
In progress: family room, kitchen and dining room
Not started: front bedroom, formal living room and basement.
Believe it or not there isn't too much in the basement other than tools and Christmas decorations. There is a spare refrigerator and a deep freeze along with a washer and dryer though. After using the washer and dryer to do the bedding I discovered that we will have to switch those. I like mine better, I can do up to three loads at once because of the super capasity. I still need to call the HVAC guys to have them take out the AC and water heater they just installed last year and replace them with gas ones. They will also need to run a gas line for a stove as I refuse to cook on electric. Unfortunately, we can't just switch the stoves because we don't have a 220 line here and our appliances are black where as the one's over there are white. Luckily gas stoves aren't all the pricey. Now the big thing will be picking out paint colors. Argh. I hate doing this because its the one thing Mike and I never agree on. Now I went to college for interior design so I know what will work and what won't. However, convincing a color blind husband that the colors will look good is another story. The bathroom over there is (cringe) peach tiles with blue accents. They are original to the house so I don't want to change them. Mike wants to get some of that tile paint and get rid of the colors but I'm just affraid that it will peel off after awhile. I will find something that will work. Most likely a high gloss white and make it all mesh with a new shower curtain. Oh yeah, and our current house will need to be painted too. I don't think there are too many people out there that will like a dark red livingroom or faux finished dining room as much as we do. That will be much easier as everything will go a nice neutral, ahem-boring, beige.
It looks like the angels are getting ready throw a tantrum outside so I better go close some windows before the rain gets in.

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