Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Need, want, save...

As you all know, we are moving. One would think that with already having a house full of stuff more stuff would not be needed. In reality, it only looks that way on paper. Currently we have our kitchen trash in a cabinet. The new kitchen lacks a space for that so in search of a new trash can I went. Of course I perused the stores online. I hate GOING shopping, not the shopping in and of itself. I came to one of my faves, Linens 'n Things. http://www.couponchief.com/linensnthings
Ooohhh, a stainless steel trash can with bonus bathroom size one too! At a good price , a price only made better by the use of one of my favorite online coupon code sites. Coupon Chief has online coupon codes that I am amazed by every time I visit. Its almost to the point where whenever I need something that can be purchased online I find a coupon for it here. They have tons of stores and offers to choose from- I'm addicted. Check them out for yourselves, online coupons codes

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