Friday, May 18, 2007

Cleaning up the planet

So I'm sure you all remember the Econoclean Challenge. I mean, who could forget such investigative journalism, right? After doing more research I discovered that Borax is chlorine free. I've decided to try it out, hopefully without need of a hazmat suit and ventilator. I went to a couple places close to home to find it and couldn't. I asked the sales people and they didn't even know what it was. Granted they were the age where if it wasn't advertised on MTV it didn't exsist but geez! I did find it and was shocked that a 4lb box cost $5. Heck, I used to pay that much for one little spray bottle of the premixed, diluted stuff. If it works this box will last quite a long time. Well, maybe not that long since I do have a lot of cleaning coming up with moving and all. Of course, I will post the results as I am sure you are all teatering on the edge of your seats in anticipation. Wow, I think I woke up on the sarchastic side of bed today, think?


Ruth said...

I use Borax in my laundry.. a box isn't cheap, but it does a good job of brightening. :) Good luck with your cleaning experiments!

cdorsey said...

I LOVE BORAX!!! HOLY MOLY...$5!!! I pay about $3.50 for a 4 lb box at my local Wal-Mart.

But you are right, the stuff is the best, and it is kind of like the energizer just keeps going!