Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good clean fun

Yesterday was the last day of Day Out for a while. I guess everyone deserves a little summer break. I did the food shopping then and was happily amazed at our grocery bill. Last Saturday we went to the Soulard Farmer's Market in St Louis. I L-U-V this place. We encouraged (bribed) Gryffin to behave by telling him that we were getting baby doughnuts. They have a stand just inside the entrance that makes fresh mini doughnuts. A dozen for $2 is enough to feed us. We picked up those plus a couple danishes, all the veggies for a week, three bars of homemade soap and some extra treats like sugar snap peas for snacks and some Silver Queen corn for Mike. All this for the price of what just the veggies would have cost at the grocery. We are going back this Saturday too. There is a really nice playground at the market so after breakfast Mike and Gryffin will be off to explore that while I get the shopping done. I don't think Mike really likes doing this with me as I have a habit of wandering and just looking for awhile. I have a system though. Do a quick run through checking price, selection and quality. Then hit the stands with the best deals. This keeps me from buying something at one stand and then seeing it for 20 cents less a pound a few stalls down. Yup, learned it the hard why when I used to do all my shopping at the market a decade ago.
I do have to tell you about the soap we bought though. Their name in Hermann Handmade Soaps and I think I may be addicted. Their soaps are made with all natural ingredients like tallow, olive oil, lavender, oatmeal, etc. I bought their soap called School Days, its for acne and poison ivy. I've always had bad skin and have over the past few years resolved to buying a generic version of Proactive. It worked but it had a tendancy to burn and bleach everything, and it wasn't cheap. The School Days soap cost $3.75 a bar or 3 for $9. This stuff smells so good and it really works. Mike got the Sportsmans soap which is antibacterial and antifungal and smells awesome. The other bar we bought is called Daybreak and is an exfoliator with lavender and oatmeal. Everyone will be getting this soap from us as Christmas presents this year.
Hey, maybe I will go all hippy and give them a basket of a few bars of soap and some home made cleaning products. Then again, that would make them feel that I think their hygene is lacking. I can just hear Mike eyes rolling with the realization that I'm already thinking Christmas presents so I will shut up now.


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