Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I can hear you all the way from here

Hey did you know that keyboards make noise? How about the sound that comes from a pen writing on paper? I didn't. Until now!
I got my hearing aides today and cried when the audiologist tested them. I can hear. Holy crap, I can hear. They are going to take some getting used to though. It feels really weird to have something sticking in my ear all the time.
I met Mike for lunch at work today. He didn't know that I was getting them today but he sure was happy. I could hear people in the cafeteria but still hear Mike over all the other noises. It was incredible.
I can't hear everything just yet because they are set on the lowest setting so my ears can get acustomed to them before they are turned up to normal. Yup, no more talking behind my back anymore because I can hear what you say now.

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cdorsey said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!! I am so happy for you!!