Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The deal schpeel

Looking for a new book, CD, DVD, bed linens, running shoes? You get the idea. Brad's Deals is a great site to visit before you shop online. This site has all the major stores and some you will wish had found sooner. We used this site to get a great discount on an alarm clock/CD player. Not to mention all the times I have used it to buy books and even a few Christmas presents.
Now I've come across another great site for online coupons. It's Coupon Chief. they have tons of online coupon offers and stores to choose from. What I really like is the fact that they have coupons for some of my favorite catalogues too! Now I can really find good deals for all the stuff we will need for the new house. Curtains, towels, art, heck- even furniture!

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cdorsey said...

Is somebody payperposting now?? Yea for you. I just broke $100 in received monies from them with $199 stil on the way. I wish I could keep up with more than one blog, that just hasn't worked for me yet.