Monday, May 07, 2007

The good, the bad, the weekend.

Friday night we were to host a Fight Night party. DeLa Hoya vs. Mayweather, the fight of the century. We used to be BIG boxing fans but since there really hasn't been any worthy fights in years we hadn't seen one in a long time. Still haven't either. Mike ordered the pay-per-view two days in advance to make sure we had it. Come Friday night all that showed up on the screen was a message saying that the program would be available shortly- shortly must mean never to Charter Communications. We tried calling their customer service line several times and can I just say that it doesn't help my temper when the automated system hangs up on me. Even their online customer service 'chat' was down, along with their email service and online bill service. The only person I was able to online 'chat' with was their internet customer service who was of no help. What fool thought that if you had internet problems you could still 'chat' online for customer service? Anyway, our guests were pretty cool about it since there was plenty of food and an assortment of various brews, even after Mike put in Jackass 2. Luckily, I had decided to turn in by then because someone had to be able to be there for Gryffin when he woke up in the morning.
Saturday we spent running errands. The ever popular Lowe's run and the mall. We had some discount coupons for JCPenney and Macy's so Mike got a couple dress shirts and some new flip flops. He made me look at bras. And I do mean MADE. Everyone keeps telling me that I've lost a lot of weight recently, I don't really see it except that I know none of my clothes fit anymore. especially my bras. So I tried some on and after almost losing it with a very inconsiderate old broad in the fitting room I called it quits and decided to come back the next day.
I did go back on Sunday. Tried on three dozen- no lie- and bought one. The only one that fit, they didn't have anymore of that style or size left. Mike was pretty disappointed but I told him that it was one more than I had and that I would keep at it. I think I would rather go to the dentist than shop for bras but teeth don't sag as you age.
Today I'm just looking forward to not having to go anywhere or do anything. Except pray that I become an Aunt again to a healthy, happy, beautiful little girl this week. The first little girl to be born to this side of the family since me! Luck and prayers are with you Ruth! I guess you too, Roger- eventhough you don't have to do any of the hard work. Hee hee hee.



Anonymous said...

Before anybody says "of course you didn't get the fight, it didn't happen until Saturday", please bear in mind the author often confuses dates and the fight night did indeed occur on Saturday night.


SAHM I am said...

Apparently my husband got a promotion to Editor without telling me. Honey, I hope it comes with a raise.
And yes, he's right. The only days I can keep straight are Saturday and Sunday because he's home then. Sorry for the confusion!