Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grey Day...

Its raining and grey outside. Good thing I wasn't planning on going anywhere today! The laundry monster in the basement has me shackled to him anyway.
This coming Saturday we are off to Alton, Illinois to visit my brother and sister-in-law, along with my two nephews and my NEW neice! I'm so excited. Its been a long time since we have gone out there for a visit. Usually Roger, Ruth and the boys are stuck having to come all the way out here.
Alton is a pretty cool town. Its right, I mean RIGHT on (and sometimes under) the Mississippi river. They have quaint little shops and eateries overlooking the river, Underground Railroad tours where you can actually go through the tunnels and a lot of ghosts. A lot of ghosts. One particular house, is so haunted that after probably hundreds attempts to renovate it it sits crumbling and attracts tons of people every Halloween. The ghost that lives there is a man with a very violent temper who chases off anyone in the home.
I have a pretty strong aversion to ghosties and spirits of unknown character. I used to have this chime that I would keep with me wherever I lived. I would hold it in each corner of each room, closets too, and if the chimes sounded that meant there was a ghost present. When we moved here for some reason I didn't do that. I didn't need to, this place had the first basement I've ever been able to walk into without the hairs on the back of my neck sticking up. I did keep it hanging on the front door for the longest time though, just to make sure no unwanted guests showed up. But after my muther kept coming in I figured it didn't work. Yeah, thats a joke.
I think when Gryffin is older we will take him on a historical tour of my old home town. But I'll let Mike take him through the tunnels and haunted spots while I hit the antique shops.

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