Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahh, can't you just smell the sunshine? Perfect weather forcasted for today and enjoyed yesterday. Saturday we rose early and went to the Soulard Market again. Then we went to Lowe's to pick up a couple things and gander at paint for the new house where we ran into Dianne, my MIL. Gryffin loving refers to her as 'mugger', I guess that is the sylables of grandma switched around- a form of toddler pig latin. Mugger offered to walk Gryffin around with her so Mike and I could argue over colors. We didn't really argue, it was probably the easiest time we have had of choosing colors for rooms. Lets see, the living room and dining room will be a pale beige with white trim and an accent wall of red. We couldn't live in a house without any red walls, its our trademark! The kitchen will be a slate blue, the guest bath will be green- a shade very similar to chalkboards and the tile refinished to white. Gryffin's room will be a medium shade of blue with navy and white accents. Our bedroom with be a medium beige with accents of blue/grey. Our bathroom will be blue/grey with accents of black and white. The BIG family room will be khaki beige with bright white trim. The guest bedroom will be whatever color of paint we end up with the most of. Afterall, we don't want the guests to feel too comfortabel, ya know? Now I wish the actual painting would be that easy too. We also went to Art on the Square, our towns annual art show, ranked #5 in the nation. Yeah, our little podunk town can put on a artsy fartsy shindig. It wasn't as impressive as years past but it was still pretty good. It did make me want to break out the camera, take a picture of a flower and slap a $300 price tag on it though.
Today Gryffin and I are off to the grocery to pick up the bread and milk we need for the week while Mike mows. Then who knows, I think someone said something about getting the wading pool out for Gryffin.

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cdorsey said...

Mugger... I LOVE IT!