Monday, August 06, 2007

Troubles in a bubble and blow away...

I'm trying to remain calm this morning. Not easy. About 3 this morning I awoke with visions of city electric inspections flashing violently before me. I had dreamt that the city was suing us and had confiscated our home because we didn't have a 'city qualified electrician' do the work. It was like they had us wear big scarlet E's pinned to our clothes.
This afternoon Gryffin and I are going to a play date at a friends down the street, , which I am really looking forward to but my social anxiety is trying to break through my chest like an alien. I like meeting new people and doing new things, now if I could just convince my nerves of that life would be much easier.
All of this combined with my hairdryer not wanting to work this morning and a big pee spot on Gryffin's rug (don't know if it was him or dog but either way- Gross!) I'm ready for some coffee. Frangelica or Bailey's in it would be better but I'll just drink it straight for fear of trailer park tendencies. Hey, that would be a cool name for a band!


Robin Up the Street said...

Social anxiety be damned! You were very well-liked today. So glad you and G. could make it!

cdorsey said...

I'll say it again...two peas in a pod! The socialite I am NOT!

Hope you had fun anyway,
Angel Food Cake Isn't A Candle