Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plug your ears!


I finally heard back from the electrician. Wondered if my hearing aides were working when he quoted me the price too. This guy had done work on our current home and came highly recommended by our HVAC guys so we thought we would just go with him but...
Now I know all electricians are expensive, especially in this city of politics and permits, but jeez! Three and half months worth of house payments is a lot to switch around some hot and cold wires and install some GFC's and light fixtures.
Back to square one. I've already set up one estimate for tomorrow and have to fax our city inspection sheet to another place for their estimate. I'm really hoping this guy from today is smoking something and we can find someone else that can competently do it for much less. My hopes aren't high as when I told most places I called what city the job was in they responded that they work everywhere but here. Oh yeah, there's strings a pullin' round this town. Unfortunately, I'm just caught in them.

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