Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sunscreen is for intelligent woosies.

Wednesday was spent with Beqi,, her husband and son. They came over and we let the boys trash the place like rock stars while we drank coffee.

Yesterday was spent in my mother-in-law's pool. Gryffin had a great time swimming and playing with his cousins and Grandma. I had a good time too but am paying a price today. Being the super ultra wonder Mommy I am, I made sure to slather G down with sunscreen. Being the super ditzy dingbat that I am, I forgot to put any on myself. It was a long night of readjusting me and the covers because things kept touching me. You know its really hard to lay down without anything touching you.

Today the contractor from hell is 'supposed' to finish. Its promising since he actually showed up. I handed him a list of everything that still had to be done and everything that had to be done again. We are to the point where we just want him done and gone.

I am also going to be taming the laundry monster today. I would much rather go to Trader Joe's and get coffee with Robin and Clara Jane but I've already been served with a notice from the Homemaker's Union that if I don't get it in gear they will take away my apron.

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Robin Up the Street said...

Be glad you stayed home. Cooperella was a madhouse. We were at Trader Joe's when the storm swooped in and the power got knocked out.

Wish I could have hung out on Wednesday!