Monday, August 13, 2007

One step forward, two steps back into a pile of dog crap.

Today started out pretty good. Gryffin slept in and we had a lazy morning. The contractor actually showed up. We went to Robin's for an afternoon of eating, laughing and general goofing-off-ness. Then things went bad. Very, very bad.
As I was buckling Gryffin into his seat to come home Mike called and asked if I had seen what the workmen did today. Duh, no I was gone all day doing the goofing-off-thing. I could tell by Mike's tone that it wasn't good.
Lets just say the craftsmanship was only slightly better than if I had let Gryffin loose with a hammer and power saw and paint. I won't go into details, there are too many to list. And if I did list them my stomach would turn all over again and I really don't want to have to hit the Pepto because of it, again. I take it back, I will go into one little detail. Many of you will remember the bathroom floor. You know, the one that sounded like popcorn when you walked across it. That was what these dudes were supposed to be fixing. Believe it or not, they made it worse! Not only did it still pop, it had big globs of adhesive under it that created mushy bubbles that made it feel like you were stepping in dog doo.
Mike called the contractor and had him come over to look at the results. To make a long story longer, the guy couldn't deny the big pile of crap that his workers called progress. He ripped up the bathroom floor in front of Mike and apologized for the shoddy work and said that he will be out tomorrow to fix the problems. Of course, we didn't even mention all of the problems so when he shows up in the morning (at least he better show up) he will be presented with a list of all the inadequacies.
I was so wanting this to be done and over with. It will be, I just have to take a deep breath and relax. Huh, me relax. Funny. I think it would be easier for me to go blond sometimes.

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Robin said...

Oh holy crap. Who the hell does this contractor employ?

I'm amazed that he agreed with you, and I hope some progress was made today. Hell, I hope they actually showed up.

If you need a carpenter hook-up, let me know and I'll send you Raquel's contact info.