Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Looking up...

Gryffin got a couple hours sleep last night and has managed to drink some milk this morning so things are looking up. At least he doesn't have a fever and has been able to eat some Jello. We have to go to the doctor at the end of the day and just wait. We are going to be the last people the doctor sees today. Oh yay.
We also have to pick up the paint and vinyl floor so the workmen can get started this week. That makes for a very busy day but at least I've got Mike here today to help out. He was so sweet and called off work because he knew I hadn't had any sleep and could use some help. Right now with Gryffin being cooperativehe is working in the basement cleaning. I think he is sick too, but of working every weekend on one house or the other and not getting time to play with Gryffin and me. Gee, a husband that likes chilling with wife and kid- look out world!

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