Monday, August 27, 2007

Like I need more pressure about this!;_ylt=AlYGalpTNBvCo8brG4XlbbBvzwcF

I don't want to call these fanatics fanatics but ARE YOU KIDDING? Personally, I bet their homes smell like toilets from all the oopsie poopsies that have got to come with this sort of practice. Then again, the one lady just took her kid behind a tree. Maybe if I had done this with Gryffin he wouldn't have flushed the splatter guard from his potty down our toilet last night but just fertilized the lawn instead.


Ruth said...

You are a great Mom! I read the link you posted & as a Mom of 3 with a experience in potty training two super-bull-headed boys(afterall, they are your brother's kids!)... I am so.. totally not sold on the hooey that people can potty train a tiny little one. Yeah.. I am sure I will start potty training sweet little 3 1/2 month old Elsie tomorrow!! ;)

cdorsey said...

HMMM...people never cease to amaze me. Idiots! Oooops...did I say that outloud...sorry!