Monday, August 13, 2007

Amazing thing happened yesterday. A rabid animal chased me into the pool. It was so hot I couldn't stand to sit on the hot concrete with only my feet in the water so I borrowed one of Dianne's old suits. Mike was so looking forward to seeing me in a swimsuit for the first time but alas, I put on a huge t-shirt over it to protect me from the sun.
It was a lot of fun splashing around with Gryffin watching him swim. Yes swim! All by himself! I was so proud of my little guppy. He got slightly annoyed with me slathering him down with sunscreen at every opportunity but it kept him from getting burnt.
Since we invited ourselves over to Dianne's we at least brought dinner. Brats, cole slaw and beans. She whipped up a salad and that was that. Gryffin stuffed his face like a starving pig, had seconds and a piece of chocolate cake. About 7:30 last night she and I were curled up on her new big a-double snakes couch with glasses of wine watching the Food Network dreaming of cooking a gourmet meal together. On the way home a short time later Gryffin fell sound asleep and didn't wake up until 8:15 this morning. Hmmm, we may have to go swimming more often.

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cdorsey said...

That is the definition of a Divine Day!