Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adventures in contracting...

The last we left our heroine she was stuck in a pile of poo with an avalanche of construction materials about to over come her...
You gotta give our contractor some credit, the man must have kahunas the size of bowling balls because he asked us for an advance. He wanted $400 to buy the remainder of the supplies he will need to finish. And oh yeah, his phone bill before it was shut off. After conferring with Mike I told him that we would give him $250 if the floors were finished and he would give us a definite date of completion. When we had finished dinner we headed over there to take a look at the work. Living room floor- acceptable I suppose. Bathroom floor- STILL POPS! Holy macaroni, I thought Mike was going to pop when he asked the contractor if he had rolled it with a 100 lb roller and the guy said no, just a little 3" roller and his body weight. We reluctantly gave him the money, only because it was our only hope of getting the job done and left. I could literally see steam coming out Mike's ears and I told him that this guy wasn't getting any more money if the floor still pops. After all, that was one of the specific things he was supposed to fix.
We were at Kohl's shopping when the contractor called and said that he was ripping up the bathroom floor (again) and will put down new underlayment. The guy also said that he would be picking up the cost of the new materials and flooring. (We sure wouldn't have.)
Now the really funny in all this is that this contractor keeps trying to talk Mike and I into buying in to his business. Yup, he's got some kahunas! Next time he tries telling me its only $30,000 to buy in I might mention that he would make significantly more money if he would get his finances organized and stop having to do one job three times. You're right, I won't. I don't want to get shot.

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Robin said...

Obviously, your contractor has two sets of cajones - the usual pair, and the pair in his skull that have obviously replaced his brain. Holy crap!

Yeah. "I cant manage my money and it takes me three times to get a job right. You wanna get in on this business!" That is, without question, some of the stupidest crap I've ever heard.