Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Makes me want to throw some tea overboard...

I hate politics, local, national, international, family, whatever... I hate politics.
A few years ago Mike and I gutted and remodeled our old kitchen. We improved our home, made it safer, worth more and prettier. And now the city is punishing us for it all because we didn't pull a permit. Of course we didn't pull a permit. We don't think government should be allowed in OUR home. We pay our taxes so they will leave us alone, its a lot like racketeering in my opinion but I won't go there.
Now that we are trying to get the house ready to sell they are trying to make us bring it up to current building codes instead of building codes suitable for a nearly 70 year old house. From what I understand this is kind of illegal, but try to convince any government agency they are doing something illegal and you will get punished even more.
Government can take your land, a good portion of your livelihood and in some cases, your youth and life. What do they give us in return? Red tape.

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