Monday, July 30, 2007

Shortest distance/ longest move ever

So we just moved next door but you would think we moved to Siberia considering the amount of time it is taking us. The basement of the old house is still full but since Mike's Dad and Uncle both came this weekend and took truck loads of stuff we now have room in the basement here for all of it (hopefully).
Lets see, there's Mike's Happy Hippie Hole stuff: drum kit, miniature painting stuff, band memorabilia, etc. Then there is his tools, his tools and oh yeah- did I mention his tools? There is Christmas, treadmill, stationary bike and weight bench- all only used once a year. Last but not least, my glass studio. I really don't look forward to moving LARGE sheets of EXPENSIVE irreplaceable glass up and down stairs, not to mention all of my equipment. All of this is what we will be moving this weekend. Yup, this weekend. 90+ heat and humidity make for perfect moving conditions (if you are a glutton for punishment as apparently we are).
Our neighbors from down the street and our old gayhbors will be helping us. They are all related and make this street what it is... awesome. This will be the second or third time they have helped us move. This will be the first time they will actually be moving our stuff, the previous times it was moving Granny & Pa. I will have to think of something nice to do for them. Maybe get Denny and Rose a gift certificate to a local restaurant and get Dennis and Lee some Broadway shows on DVD, I don't know. What do gay men like other than show tunes?
This week however; will be spent getting ready for the weekend. We have some rearranging here in the basement and conquering the linen monster. I think there are about a dozen quilts downstairs in need of washing. Funny how old people like the smell of mothballs.

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