Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I always knew something that could clean your toilet and eat the corrosion off your car battery just couldn't be good for you. But kicking the habit is hard. I gave up soda while I was pregnant. It was a bi+ch. Being that heart issues are prevalent on both sides of our family I suppose its time to put the bubbly, sweet, yumminess down and take up water.

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Robin Up the Street said...

Brian's recently traded his Diet Coke addiction for iced tea. The homemade stuff, decaf, with a few flavored green tea bags thrown in. He swears he feels worlds better.

I craved Diet Coke when I was pregnant, which was weird because I rarely drank it before I was pregnant. I most resisted, but during my hospital stay I liberally abused the fridge of free DC across from my room.