Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Payback time

We have never had a problem getting Gryffin to go to bed. Usually just do the jammy-jam, read a book, hugs & kisses then tuck him in and he was down for the night. There were even times he would ask to go to bed. Not so much anymore. We had to buy a monitor because we just couldn't hear him in his room. Now that we can hear him we have discovered he can climb out of his bed. When we hear him we go in and put him back in bed only to have him climb out several more times. He can climb out so quietly that even the monitor doesn't always pick it up.
Last night I thought I would get all MacGyver and solve this problem. Our friend Chris had bought Gryffin this little play mat that is a piano and when you step on it music goes off, so I put that on the floor infront of his crib. He was caught not ten minutes later to the tune of Bach. So a couple of more attempts and he wasn't caught getting out, no- he was caught going back in for his milk after playing in his closet for awhile! Back in bed and we thought it was the last time so I snuggled up in bed with a book and one chapter in guess who, in the company of his father, pays me a little visit? Apparently someone had tried to turn his monitor off which set off the mobile unit's alarm. If there were any more escapes last night I didn't know about them. I left Mike in charge and promptly passed out.
I guess this means it really is time for a big boy bed, eventhough I don't want it. Mike almost bought a big boy bed for him the other day. It was a short platform bed with a hideout underneath and a slide. Thats just asking for a trip to the ER at this point.

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