Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caffeine is my friend...

Shower- check
Soft comfy robe from Mom Sherry- check
Coffee started- oh crap... ok- check
Our coffee maker is new so Mike is still getting the hang of it. Yesterday he thought he programmed it to start at 6, but he didn't. Poor guy had to go to work without coffee! And this morning when I went in there to start coffee for myself, Mike's idea of coffee is something black, tar-like and requires chewing, I discovered he forgot to put a filter in. Today he will have coffee but it will be crunchy. This new coffee maker is a grind and brew so it takes whole beans. I really didn't thing the flavor would be all that different but it is. I like coffee. Ever since I was 15 and started working in a donut shop I've been addicted. I like truck stop coffee, latte, cappuchino, espresso, pre-ground stale Folgers. Heck, in the old house I even picked the counter top based on how well it would hide coffee spots!
The other day I went to the Abbey, its a coffee shop here in town. I splurged and got my self a small latte and a scone and nearly choked when the teenage pop princess behind the counter said it would be nearly six bucks! If I pay that for something I want a dude in a white apron bringing it to my table, calling me miss and giving me free refills until my bladder explodes. Yeah, I know. I'm cheap. Damn proud of it too. Seriously, I think I will stay home, make my own and not have to hear conversations revolving around American Idol or golf while I try to read and enjoy my coffee. Because if anything will ruin a good cup of coffee, its American Idol.


Ruth said...

I am completely addicted to caffeine, too. Ya know, in the NICU they actually give premature babies a shot of caffeine into their iv's every morning to remind them to breathe. I liken my addiction to that! I need that daily reminder, too! ;)

Robin Up the Street said...

I'm convinced that the Abbey installed that drive-thru window because they knew B. and I were moving to town. Coming here from the MO side, I think the Abbey's prices are incredibly low! That's what happens when you get used to S'bucks' prices.

For home, I've got one of those snazzy single-cup brewers that uses pods. The coffee tastes like espresso, and it's so easy I can operate it while comatose.

Diner coffee. Specifically, the coffee at Moore's. With pie. And ham. Oh lord.

Robin Up the Street said...

Oh, and for the record, if you join my gang for coffee at the kid-friendly coffee places, you won't hear us talking about golf or American Idol. Today we tried to see how many times we could work the word v_gina into casual conversation, just to mortify the lone husband in the group.