Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3:30 wake up call

I thought I was dreaming. Like the time I dreamt Java was blue only to wake up and find he had eaten a blue ink pen- in the middle of the living room rug. His muzzle and paws were blue for days! Anyway, I digress. I was awoken at 3:30 this morning by Gryffin, not from the monitor but by him standing next to the bed asking for his 'Robot drink'. That's a sippy cup with robots on it. What in the holy name of all holy's! He had climbed out of bed (again). I stumbled into the kitchen to get him his milk only to discover he had pulled a chair across the kitchen and up to the counter, had been playing in the sink and had gotten his beloved 'Robot drink' out of the cupboard. I love that my son is so smart but I hate the fact that he is getting to be smarter than me! This came only after and evening of 'cage the savage beast'. He climbed out numerous times, once he climbed to the top of the shelves in his closet and got down a box with a stained glass window hanging I made for him in it. Oh yeah, a toddler playing with glass. Geez, they should just throw me back into the trailer park with the toothless mothers who let their kids get a hold of the matches and guns. Today I guess I get to put a latch on his closet door and convert his bed to a toddler so he won't have to go all monkey boy to climb out. Then I'm getting the safety gate from the old house and putting it up so he can't make midnight snacks. Hey, maybe it will keep Mike from making them too?

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Anonymous said...

geeze, do I remember those days! We tried the gate too for awhile, but they just climbed that too, so we put a child safety knob on the inside of the door... we could still get in quickly if they needed us, but the knob kept them safely in their room while the rest of the world slept! Take care---Connie