Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happiness is the best revenge

MIL just left. I checked, anti-sibling pills are where I left them. I just can't stop giving her a hard time. She justified her craziness by telling me that I'm such a good mom that I should be a good mom to more kids. Bless her, flattery will get her everywhere- but there. I find it weird that there are those that think my mommy skillz rock. There are days where I'm tempted to call DCFS on myself. I know every mom has those days, especially when their kid is between the ages of two and twenty-two. I guess considering the example I had I'm damn good. I make sure Gryffin always has healthy food and a healthy habitat along with outside play time. I don't leave him alone for several hours a day or with a babysitter who beats other children in her care. I make sure to always kiss boo-boos and say 'I love you' way too much. I follow through on my threats of 'time outs' and make sure the punishment fits the crime. My egg-donor/muther/El Loco, whatever I call her at the moment, never really did any of that. She occasionally bought groceries, but never milk- she didn't like it. The state of the home would've made a health inspector gag, outside was the place you went to get away from the yelling and punishments were usually making me hug my brother. Affection as punishment, yeah that didn't play a psychological number on my impressionable young mind. For the most part, I guess I'm just like everyone else. I've overcome my childhood, mostly. Moved on to bigger, better and brighter things and make the conscious decision to do so everyday. Damned if I'm gonna let her win because happiness is the best revenge.

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