Thursday, July 12, 2007

I slept with a clear conscience...

Last night I was standing at the bathroom sink and noticed something was missing. My anti-sibling, aka birth control pills, weren't where I usually kept them. 'Ok, don't panic', I thought 'probably just stashed them somewhere because my MIL was coming over'. I looked in the obvious spots, then the not so obvious, then the just plain ridiculous. No sign anywhere. Then I really started to panic because the terrible thought of Gryffin getting a hold of them and thinking they were candy hit me. I came into the family room and cautiously asked Mike, 'You don't think your mom would hide my pills, do you?' He looked at me like I was crazy and seemed almost insulted that I could come up with the scenario. 'Of course not, she would never do anything like that', he replied and kindly helped me scour the place in search of them. We found them, under the heavy glass and metal jar we keep the Qtips in. 'Hmm', I thought 'no way Gryffin could have put them there'. I kept this thought to myself as I didn't want to insult Mike again. About an hour later we get a call from Dianne. Apparently her conscience finally kicked in and she fessed up to putting them there for fear of Gryffin finding them. Yeah right! We all know how much she wants us to have another kid. Now, don't read this the wrong way... Dianne is not a conniving, scheming scoundrel. We all got a laugh out of it and she lost the privilege of Mike always sticking up for her. I'm just going to have to remember that when she comes over I need to hide them myself so I can find them again. Now I think I will give her a call and make her feel even more guilty, its fun!


cdorsey said...

That is too funny! I love reading your stories.


Robin said...

Oh my word. At least she has somewhat of a conscious!

I'm another Robin in Belleville with a toddler. Found you via's Belleville Women's Social Group thingy.l