Thursday, July 26, 2007

Round 967

Today is the last day I will be getting bids on the work to our old house. I've got two guys coming this morning, then we get to sit down and play 'Pick the Contractor'. Its not as fun a game as it sounds, believe me. Its part luck, part feeling and a whole lot of praying. Now y'all know I don't have the luck and my feelings are usually off so if you get the chance put a murmur in God's ear for me.
Today is also the last day for Day Out until September. That means that my schedule gets put on a Tilt-a-Whirl and won't stop until I puke. Luckily, we found a little playground behind a local church that is within walking distance. Its right across the street from my friend Robin too so keep on the lookout for us, girl! We will be stalking you like celery! I'm thinking this may be a good morning activity for us. It will give me some exercise and hopefully get Gryffin tired enough to take a nap. I'm also going to squeeze in some crafty time for him. I want to keep him on the same schedule as his Day Out program just for ease of transition when it opens back up.
Good thing we have weekend visitors coming in because today will also be the last chance I have to scrub down the house for a while. I hate cleaning, but I hate filth more. Being allergic to dust and mold is crappy but at least I don't take the old egg-donors way of dealing with it. She just lets it lie, undisturbed and growing. Her feeling is that if you don't clean it and kick it into the air, it won't bother you. Maybe that is why she is always sick (mentally/physically/take your pick).
Off to slug down the coffee and meet a contractor. Wish me luck!

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Robin Up the Street said...

I'd wondered if that playground was accessible to the neighborhood. We'll definitely have to check it out!

Another option: we've got a swing set, sandbox, pool, and a bazillion toys in the backyard. Give us a call and come play at our park!

I've been a cleaning fiend today, too. Not because of company that's arriving, but because of company that just left. Ugh. Six loads of laundry in one day. How is that possible?