Monday, July 09, 2007

Its Monday, time to rest.

We are (mostly) moved and Mike is back at work today. I'm sure he is probably looking forward to a week of sitting at a desk instead of hauling, cleaning and fixing.
Gryffin has adjusted really well. He has only asked to go home a couple of times. The dogs are adjusting too. They are constantly under foot and not sure of what to do with themselves but they will figure it out.
Yesterday Mike put the second coat of epoxy on the guest bath tiles and it looks great! No more neon peach and blue, Yippee! It has to cure for three days, then caulk which has to cure for another couple and then we will have two, yes two, bathrooms. Something I have never had in my life. Can't you just hear 'The Jefferson's' theme song playing in the background?
Our new appliances are here and in use. I love my new Velos oven! Lets see, I've made BBQ chicken, roast potatoes and steamed broccoli, bacon and fried eggs, baked potatoes and corn and am currently baking some chewy granola bars. One feature that kind of freaked me out was that the exhaust fan comes automatically. I didn't know this when I was making spaghetti and thought that it was either broken or possessed. Now I'm used to it and really loved it when I was frying chicken last night. I guess I have no more excuses for not cooking anymore. I also love our new refrigerator. Its the french door kind with a freezer drawer on the bottom. Biggest con- less storage in freezer. Not a big deal considering we have a deep freeze in the basement. Biggest pro- lots more room in the refrigerator. I mean a lot! Back to the Farmer's Market next Saturday. After having to live out of a cooler for five days, I missed fresh produce.
I plan on taking some pictures later today and will try to post them but right now I have to explain to a certain little boy that chasing the dogs around the house in his Cozy Coupe is not nice.


Ruth said...

You guys deserve to rest a bit! The chewy granola bars sound really yummy. Would you mind posting your recipe? :)

Jenn said...

Hey Robin! Its Jenn, popping in your your blog from time to time. I agree with Ruth, I'd love the chewy granola bars posted!! My sons love the quacker ones... if I could make them myself that would be great!!