Monday, July 23, 2007

Purple Haze

Sorry folks, no purple. I asked Donna, my stylist, if she had any semi-permanent purple and she didn't. Otherwise I would've totally rocked it, on the underside. I officially got 8 inches off the back and 6 off the front. I asked Donna for a really choppy, layered drastic swing bob. I don't think Donna does choppy or drastic so I ended up with a bob. If I thought for a moment I could pull off some Betty Page bangs I would cut them myself, but bangs and I just don't get along. The important thing is Mike thinks it cute and I don't look like a soccer mom. I'm somewhere in between soccer mom and Claire Danes. But that is 'my so-called life'.

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Ruth said...

What a bummer! El Loco would've loved purple hair on you. ;) Afterall.. her hair color seems to match her vehicle color most of the time anymore--ain't nothing natural looking about it! It makes her look even older & more sickly, too! Can't wait to see how your new haircut looks.. I am sure that it's cute! :)