Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From psychotic to serene

Can you believe that this was the guest bath pictured in a previous post ('I don't joke about ugly'). The neon peach and blue are now a brilliant white. Along with a new mirror, light fixture and shower curtain its a whopping makeover for less than $200. Couldn't beat it with a stick- and you better not try because I just cleaned it! It really turned out nice, thanks to Mike's hard, sweaty, fume-filled work.

Hopefully more pics of the rest of the house to follow. Give me a break, I'm tired.


cdorsey said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good job!


Ruth said...

You forgot to mention all of your elbow grease, too! After having seen it in person pre-makeover.. I am very impressed with the way that it turned out. I echo what Catherine said.. it's beautiful! I'm jealous! ;)